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First dentist appointment in 12 years



Junior member
Nov 30, 2021
I’ll start from the beginning…
I’ve always had a fear of the dentist, this stemmed from bad experiences as a child! I associated the dentist with pain because every appointment I needed treatment. My last dentist trip was when I was 18 and it was my last ‘free’ treatment of which my mum had still booked my appointment for me and encouraged me to go.
Fast forward to now, I’m now 30 and my anxiety surrounding the dentist has grown as the years have gone on.
Just before lockdown I was happily eating a flapjack at work and lost half a back tooth… did I book an appointment? No! I ignored it, as if it was going to go away! A few months later I started to get extreme pain in my top teeth. I couldn’t eat, hot food hurt it, cold food hurt it, did I book an appointment, no! I then started to worry my front tooth was damaged, it was sensitive and I had to avoid biting into anything as I was scared it would fall out. I could cope with teeth people couldn’t see being damaged but a front tooth? I’d never show my face in public again if i lost one. I spent months stressed about it!
This finally prompted me to book an appointment. I spent a day ringing round to find someone who would accept new patients (thanks covid) I eventually found a private dentist who would see me.
Today was the day. At the grand age of 30 I’m not ashamed to admit I took my mother. She sat in the car outside but it was almost a comfort knowing I had someone there. I went in to my appointment palms sweating, stomach churning. I was embarrassed by the state I had let my teeth get into. I was scared of the pain I’d encounter with whatever treatments I may need! I’d built up in my head all my teeth were ruined, they were going to fall out!!!
My dentist instantly put me at ease. He immediately saw the look of pure fear on my face (even with a mask on)!
He asked me about my teeth, any worries I had etc! So I admitted to the damage I thought I had…. He then went on to check! A few pokes and prods and an X-ray later… job done. I’d done it! First step done!
He put my mind at ease by telling me the front tooth I was scared about is absolutely fine (instant relief) and explained the treatments I would need. He constantly reassured me, told me I won’t feel a thing and I’ll be okay! There was something about him that I just instantly trusted!
So I’m booked in for 2 ROOT CANALS in the next few weeks and eventually I’ll need 3 fillings!
The next step is attending my future appointments and facing my dental anxiety!

Anyone who reads this who is thinking about taking that step to book an appointment, do it!
Wow that’s amazing! I’m glad it worked out so well for you ?
Happy that you managed that step for yourself and keep us posted how things are going for you ❤?

- a Fellow 30 something that brings her husband with her when he can come -
So I braved it! I’d paid the deposit I was loosing the money so I knew I had to go…. I even went alone!
My dentist kept me laughing and at ease at all times! At one point he said he was worried I was asleep!! He asked me if I wanted to know exactly what he was going to do, I opted to not know!
Once the injection was out of the way I didn’t feel a thing!! I kept my eyes closed at all times and focused on my breathing! Not going to lie I had a couple of moments where I was scared and my fist was firmly clenched but no pain!
I ended up leaving the chair thanking him several times and crying with happiness! Don’t get me wrong I’ll be nervous everytime I go but that won’t stop but I’ll happily go now!
Dentist’s definitely aren’t the scary situations it used to be!!