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First dentist appointment in ten years... Terrified!



Junior member
Jul 2, 2016
Hi everyone,

Needless to say, the prospect of going to the dentist has always terrified me. My last dental appointment was when I was ten. I'm now 20. I decided to bite the bullet (no pun intended…) and arrange an appointment, which is booked for Monday (4th July). The reason for this sudden change of heart was twofold. One, I wanted to simply go for it and try and conquer this fear. Secondly, I have actually noticed a potential dental issue. I've noticed that one of my back molars has a tiny greyish black line on it, which I know can be a sign of decay. I'm VERY good with my dental hygiene (I thoroughly brush and floss twice a day, sometimes more if I've eaten or drunk something especially sugary), so the prospect of me having decay despite my best efforts to prevent it is more than a little dismaying. The tooth itself isn't painful, and the rest of my teeth and gums look and feel fine.

On the one hand, I'm relieved I'm finally getting back into the dentist's chair, but on the other I'm totally petrified! Not just of the whole idea itself, but also of what the dentist might find. What if the tooth is totally rotten and I need a root canal?! What if I need loads of fillings? What if the dentist is really rude and tells me off? All of these thoughts are swirling around in my head, making me more and more nervous.

I just wanted to wish you luck for Monday. It sounds like you really look after your teeth so hopefully there will be no nasty suprises.
Hope the day comes and goes quickly for you. Let me know how it goes - here if you need to vent!
Only the dentist will be able to tell what needs to be done. From the sounds of it, you've done a good job keeping up with your teeth, Good luck!
Thanks everyone. Today is the day! Terrified! Appointment isn't until 3:15pm (it's now 7am), so I've got most of the day to panic about it.... :p

I have a couple of questions.... If I do need a filling/s, would they do them today, or would I need to come back to have them done? Also, according to my dentist's website, they charge £60 for a filling. If I need more than one, say I need two, would I need to pay £120, or £60? Do dentists charge for each filling?

Many thanks!
Good luck at the dentist. I go every three months to the dentist and still get scared.

If the dentist is rude or tell you off, what I would do is get up from the chair and walk out, I don't like people who ae rude to me.
Just got back. I need seven fillings, two crowns, and two extractions... :(

Heh. Just kidding! What I actually got was a totally clean bill of oral health! Absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever. Teeth, gums, and x-rays all 'perfect'. Didn't even need a cleaning! The dentist (who was lovely), said that the grey mark on my molar was not decay or staining, but simply a result of the fact that my molars have naturally quite deep fissures and grooves on them. She was very understanding about my phobia, and when I said I felt ashamed for not going for so long, she said "Well, you're here now."

An awesome experience! Aside from when I nearly walked out without paying... Just totally forgot! Haha, awkward.. Aside from that, it was great.
I have to say I'm normally not a confrontational person. I found your last post very insensitive and not very compassionate for other people on the forum. " I need seven fillings, two crowns, and two extractions! Just kidding.

I understand that you must be ecstatic your oral health is perfect and I'm truly happy for you, but how would you have felt if you did need the work you mentioned doing?

Wow. Looking back on that comment for the first time since posting it, I now can totally see why it is insensitive/inappropriate. It was a very poor attempt at a joke, made in a moment of sheer relief (for I truly, genuinely believed I would need that kind of work done). However, looking back on it now I realise it was highly inappropriate. If I could edit it I would, but when I go to 'edit post' it repeatedly crashes or the text doesn't appear. The same happens when I try to reply to your comment.

If my 'joke' offended or upset anyone, I am truly, truly sorry, for that was genuinely NOT my intention. So sorry. :(
CobaltRose - I'm so happy for you! I hope that this positive experience allows you to keep going for regular checkups so that you don't have to go through this again in 10 years.
It's fine, no worries, and thanks for your reply.

Sorry if I caused you any upset.