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First dentist appointment in years coming up - what is the likelihood I'll come away without any serious issues if I'm experiencing no pain/symptoms?



Junior member
Aug 15, 2023
Tough question to answer, I know, but please help me put some guardrails on my anxiety. I'm in my mid 30's and the last time I went to the dentist was probably 7-8 years ago. Prior to that I went to a few different dentist sporadically in my 20's. Growing up, I went to the dentist every 6-12 months until I was probably about 21. I've had a few cavities here and there plus braces in my teens. I also had my wisdom teeth extracted when I was 18. My personal dental health routine could be better. I always brush at least once a day, but I sometimes neglect brushing my teeth before bed. I usually use mouthwash. I've sporadically tried to get the flossing habit to stick but have been largely unsuccessful.

I finally decided to stop putting off going to the dentist and have my first appointment coming up next month. I don't have any pain or symptoms that would indicate something is wrong. My gum line looks like it is recessed pretty bad (especially on my lower front teeth) but for all I know it has always been like that. My gums aren't red nor are they bleeding. To my untrained eye looking in the mirror I don't see anything too alarming outside of some tartar buildup between some of my teeth. Despite all of that, my mind has been racing ever since I booked this dentist appoint about all the potential bad news I can receive. It's almost as if I think I'm due an comeuppance for neglecting to schedule time with a dentist for so long. I'm mostly worried about gum disease and the possibility of losing my teeth due to my poor flossing habits and receding gums. Can someone please help me with this anxiety and walk me through the most likely scenarios or share similar stories? I didn't think I was scared of the dentist until I booked the appointment and it let loose a big wave of anxiety.
@yawaworhtlta hi! It's great you braved up to book an appointment. I am not a dentist but from what you described it really doesn't seem like something serious will be found.
Though i know it's tough to feel the way you do❤️. Try to remind yourself that anxious mind imagines the worst. Best of luck at the appointment!:)