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First post, I need help with a possible sprained tooth



Junior member
Mar 2, 2018
Hello, this is my first post.
I have always been afraid of visiting the dentist but do go every six months.
My fear has recently increased and now I have a problem it's consuming me.
Two weeks ago I experienced sensitivity to hot and cold food in a lower back molar.The tooth has a big filling in.
I avoided really hot and cold food and hoped it would go away.
I have to say it filled me with anxiety, I'm not really having toothache as such, just some mild discomfort on occasions, this also happens in other parts of my jaw which I clench unconsciously because of anxiety.
I visited my dentist last week, he took stays, percussed the tooth and probed between the teeth.
No pain on percussion,the probe relieved the discomfort a bit?
He showed me the x-ray and said there was no decay either in the tooth or between.
He did show me a line and said the tooth was stressed.
When I googled this it mentioned a sprained tooth.
I was prescribed antibiotics and advised to try and not worry and return in two weeks if necessary.
I have nearly finished the antibiotics and still have sensitivity to temperature.
I am trying to rest the tooth and not clench but am finding it extremely difficult to not to stress.
I am so afraid that somehow the tooth isn't going to get better and of course I understand that the more I stress the worse it will be :(
Hi and welcome Shelley. It's impressive that you keep going to the dentist every six months despite your anxiety and it seems that your dentist treats you kindly. I am sorry to hear about the tooth that's bothering you and the anxiety that it is causing. I can't offer you any dental advice (hopefully someone competent replies soon), but hope it will calm down soon.
Being anxious about something mostly means that we have some kind of 'worst scenario' in our minds and worry that this might come true. May I ask you, what exactly are you afraid of regarding this tooth?
Hi, thank you for your reply.
12 years ago the same tooth became sensitive to heat, the tooth looked fine on xray but had actually gone bad under the filling.
It required a deep filling and has been fine uo to now.
Even though ive been told there's no decay im very afraid in case he's got it wrong and its going bad and ultimately im frightened of being hurt.
I asked the dental nurse if she would check with the dentist if a sprained tooth can also be sensitive to heat as well as cold, this I feel will reassure me.
They didnt ring back with the answer, sge suggested I go in tomorrow to chat.
I dont really want to go in until ive given it the two weeks he reccomended.
What a mess im in
So it's a tooth that has been caused you worries in the past already and now you are extra afraid that there might be something wrong again... you say frightened of being hurt? Do you mean pain during a treatment or something different?
I understand that you do not want to go until the two weeks are over and I think it would be fine if you went anyway - everything that gives you any reassureance would be the right thing to do and I am sure your dentist would be happy if he could help you to ease your worries.
Yes I mean pain during treatment.
I am going to try and get a grip and see how things are next week, I finish the antibiotics on wed and I will try not to clench.
I do have a problem with health anxiety which was well under control until recently.
Decided to go back on sertraline for now
I don't know what painful experiences did you have in your past, but you should never experience pain during a treatment, that's a basis of modern dentistry and one of the main concerns of any caring dentist.
Keep us posted and hopefully you feel better soon and find some peace with the anxiety and the tooth :XXLhug:
The sertraline made me feel so sick I can't go there.
I managed to get a dental appointment today.
The dentist listened to everything I had to say again and again examined the tooth as well as several others.
Again he can't see a problem except receding gums which he has said will cause sensitivity.
He also found my jaw to be very tight.
I have an appointment next Wednesday and am going to have the filling removed and replaced which will hopefully put my mind at rest if everything ok.
Going to discuss a night splint too.
Thank you Enarete for your responses, it does help.