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First time dentures



Junior member
Jun 24, 2023
New Zealand
My first post here I'm nervous.
So yesterday I finally got new dentures after 4 months without any teeth. Having a lot of issues wearing them. High anxiety. Talking is hard. Haven't been able to eat with them yet.
Struggling with wearing them and keep almost throwing up.

Will a throat numbing spray help with the gag reflex?

Not sure how I'm going to get used to wearing them.
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I think the key here is persistence without torturing yourself. So, begin by wearing them for, say, an hour a day. Hopefully you'll find the gagging relents as your mouth gets used to having the dentures in. If that happens, begin to wear them for longer periods and you'll find you gradually cease to notice them anywhere near as much . If and when you reach that stage, then consider using some denture adhesive before you start trying to learn to eat in them.

If the gagging persists or your dentures refuse to stay steady in your mouth when you try to eat then go back to your dentist because that implies they don't fit properly and need adjusting.