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First time going to the dentist in probably over 20 years tomorrow at 8 AM



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Feb 4, 2024
Ithaca NY
I’m going to provide the following letter before I sit in the chair and I’ve also spoken to someone to relay my fears. I appreciate anyone who has any advice for how not to obsess about this.

Dear Friends at Aspen Dental,

I wanted to leave a note before we began our work together to let you know you how extremely phobic of the dentist I am, how embarrassed I am about the condition of my teeth, and how regretful I am that it’s probably been 20 years since I’ve been to the dentist; and during that time, I’ve suffered periods of homelessness and other situations where I have neglected my dental health and my health in general.

Now is the time to put that aside, and put my teeth in your capable hands to do whatever we can to save whatever we can. However, anything that we do I ask that any kind of novacane could be provided and that we go very slowly and we take care of the major problems first.

I look forward to working with you, and although I have scheduled appointments several times and canceled (which I apologize for), I am here today. I’ve also filled out a form that discusses my dental well-being needs, so if you want to take a look at that I’d really appreciate it.


Tony D’Orazio
From one person to another, I went to the dentists for the first time in probably 15 years about three weeks ago. I need to have several root canals done, several extractions done, and many many fillings. Like you, I was embarrassed by my teeth and dreaded going to the dentists and having others inspect them.

I bit the bullet and ended up going in after dealing with excruciating pain. I promise you that you have nothing to fear, and nothing to be embarrassed over! My dentists have been extremely compassionate and understanding and have worked with me to prioritize what has been bothering me the most and make sure I was as comfortable as I could be. They more then adequately froze everything to the point that I felt no pain during my procedures, but after each visit, I've left feeling a thousand times better and less anxious about my next visit.

These are people who have seen it all. I promise you that you will not have the worst teeth they have seen, and I promise you that they will hold absolutely no judgement against you when you come in. They are there to help you and have dedicated their lives to it!

I think that you've covered all of your bases extremely well, and from person with extreme anxiety over the dentist to another, I promise things will go much better then you anticipate! Our brains have a funny way of working against us.

I wish you all the best.
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Best of luck at the dentist

I go regularly to the dentist, but still don't enjoy going
Best of luck for tomorrow!

Do you have a personal recommendation for this particular branch of Aspen Dental? I‘m asking because (as you’re probably aware already) they have a terrible reputation as a dental chain. Of course, there may always be exceptions to the rule, hence my question. If you’re in any doubt about whether they are right for you after tomorrow, we‘ve got a lot of tips for finding a good dentist right here on this website. There are also some handy questionnaires which you‘re very welcome to use here:

Wishing you the very best of luck :grouphug: