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First time with laughing gas was so successful!!!



Junior member
Feb 21, 2021
United States
I just got laughing gas for the first time for 4 fillings I had to get this morning, and I have to say it couldn't have gone better! It would be the understatement of the year to say that I was terrified, because I have just awful anxiety around dental appointments and needles. This was my first cavity filling that wasn't air abrasion in a long time, and I have had anxiety about it nearly the entire month. I did take some lorazepam first, but I'm not sure that really affected me that much, because the laughing gas just took over. The worst part for me was just as the nitrous was coming into my system and I was a little out of it, and I noticed he was coming in with the needle. But I had my mom there, and I cried a bit as he numbed me up.

But after that, everything was just so perfect. I have not had such a good experience at the dentist EVER. I used to worry constantly even as a child about how someday I would need wisdom tooth surgery, and I worried that laughing gas wouldn't work on me, I would be too aware, etc. etc. For the first time in my life I can safely say that I'm not scared to one day get my wisdom teeth out!

The laughing gas allowed me to just tune out and even close my eyes as they worked. I literally felt like I was dreaming and had little awareness of time and what they were doing. If anyone out there is scared of laughing gas, I was too, but it made the experience actually enjoyable! A couple times I even felt a giddy feeling and my mom said my chest started to move like I wanted to laugh :) I'm so glad I joined this forum, it's helped me so much in a world where true real dental phobia is written off as "well, no one likes the dentist." I felt seen, so thank you!!!
What a lovely success story, thank you so much for sharing! ? It will serve as a huge reassurance and help for anyone who is at the beginning of their journeys. Also thank you for your kind words, it’s nice to know that you felt comfortable with us here :)

All the best wishes and if you ever find yourself being afraid of the dentist, you know where to find us :)