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First trip to the dentist in almost 10 years



Junior member
Jun 26, 2019
USA Virginia
I never liked the dentist because we caught one of them trying to scam us when I was a kid. He claimed I had 12 cavities which needed to be filled, a second opinion claimed that was false and that I had no cavities. For this reason I’ve never trusted dentists. (Which doesn’t really make sense because the second opinion dentist was very honest and told me I had no cavities)

Now that I have children, the fear of having expensive dental procedures that could potentially take money away from their college funds, savings, and basic needs scared me into the dentist office to take a look.

For the past 10 years I’ve had what I would call “less than perfect but not terrible” dental hygiene. I was prepared to have fillings, a few root canals maybe and some crowns. But what I assume is by the grace of God, I had no dental cavities and what my dentist called impressive gum health.

I am by no means advocating not going to the dentist because I turned out OK, in fact, at my appointment I scheduled my routine visits for the next three years. What I am Saying is that usually the monster in the closet is a lot smaller than you might think. And fear of the unknown and anticipation are often worse than the reality of your situation.
I agree with dg6300 in this is very well said and soo glad for the testimony how well you are doing!!

I am sorry that happened to you with the way over estimating/lying on the amount of fillings that would send me in opposite direction of the dental chair for a while too..

Sounds you are really on the right tract now!! Great job!