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First try on impressions!!! The difference a great dentist makes!



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Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD
So i just wanted to share ..

Last Friday I went for my abutment/implant crown impressions. I was a little anxious for this due to the fact i have a small mouth and a huge gage refluxes and well impressions have never been my favorite appointments . There have been times I think the biggest count was 5 time it took to do the impressions due to gagging . ugh..
so needless to say i wasn't looking forward to this, and looking ridicous as I gag with a bunch of goop in my mouth.

Well, actually it was amazing as I conquered this anxiety. My dentist was very sweet during the whole process walking me through it and staying present in the room with me, most other times i remember the dentist shoves the goop in your mouth puts a timer and goes to do something else.. so I was pleasantly surpised when not only did he help me process through it and distract me talking but also was making me laugh through the process , sharing jokes and dare say have fun, even as i was trying my best... "please self.. do not gag , breath.. breath through nose,, breathe though nose".. talking to self.. i did NOT want to gag.. i asked how long it had been .. 2 minutes... oh boy 2 more minutes.. well.. i did it.. i did the whole 4 minutes without gagging and the impression came out well!!! This is the very very first time ever .. one try!

Then i was told .. ok now we are going to do the bottom impression...lol. i didn't think that was coming since it was a top implant... but.. i see they have to take top, bottom and bite.. I got a lot of practice that day.. but I did them all in one try!! I know i was a part of it focusing and breathing, etc. but I have to say.. Have an amazing dentist who is present, and helping to distract you and make you laugh even during the process surely helped ease the stress of it and I believe fully helped the process!!

If I can do it!! you can too!! Just had to share this major victory.. for a small mouthed gal with a big gag reflux, this was a great day! I am now not anxious of impressions like I was!