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Fitted for temp bridge, cracked tooth and massive pain

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Oct 4, 2010
Here goes.
I have a huge filling in my back molar on the left side, bottom. It was originally done when I was 16 or so. Over the years I have had it replaced 4 times.
About 5 years ago I had the molar in front of it pulled due to abscess/and no insurance!
3-4 years ago I had a cleaning and they noticed a large crack on the back of the tooth. Said it needed a crown put on but I declined due to funds. They replaced the filling with a white one and all was good with the tooth. Earlier this year I had a small piece of the tooth break off. It was very small, just a sliver, but we all know that is big enough right?!
Dentist drilled a small amount of the large filling out and fixed the tooth.
All was good, but the tooth never "felt" the same since. A couple of weeks ago I started having pain in that tooth again, in the back side by the crack and on the cheek side where I noticed a new crack.
Went to dentist and he immediately wanted to removed the filling because he suspected a cavity may have formed.
He removed the filling and all looked well. No cavity under it.
I opted to get a bridge to crown the cracked tooth and replace the missing one. He prepped both teeth and a temp was fitted. I was in massive pain that night, tearful pain, couldn't even function. The pain eased slightly but was still pretty bad. Doc prescribed penicillin and tremadol(sp).
Went in to get temp refitted, it was digging in to my gum line. Tons of relief but now there is a small area where food can enter and it is hurting my back tooth something bad.
The pain is still worse than it was before work was done. Tooth hurts bad a times and sore at others. But it always makes itself "known"
Dentist is 50/50 towards a root canal. bridge maxed out my benefits so it will be out of pocket unless I wait til Jan.
Should I wait and see if the permanent fixes the problem or should I just get the root canal? What are the chances the root canal wont work due to the tooth being cracked in several places?
Dentist is going to place the permanent with temp cement.

I really wish I would have just had the dang tooth pulled, I would be prefect now but instead I hurt more and a perfectly good tooth was shaved down.
Hi there, I am not trained as a dentist but know just where you are at the moment, I too am having problems with my new bridge...I like you wish I had left my teeth as they were. I am sure one of these lovely kind dentists will be on here to offer you advice soon. I just want you to realise I know how you are feeling and send you a ((((( BIG HUG ))))).
Cracked teeth are buggers to deal with :(

Your dentist has managed the problem in pretty much a textbook fashion, in terms of trying to save the tooth. The only guaranteed way to solve this is to extract the tooth, which you've already realised. Even a root canal isn't guaranteed to sort it I'm afraid.

I think it comes down to how much you want to save the tooth and how much money you're prepared to put into saving it, but even with unlimited funds, there's no guarantee it'll work.

Probably not what you wanted to hear I'm afraid.