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Flipper tooth or what other options are there??



Junior member
Oct 15, 2021
I have had a retreat rc carried out on a premolar and rc on second premolar next to it. Not sure what is going on but gum is still very red and still has an abscess present 4 wks later.
I'm getting very worn out living with this constant feeling that both these teeth are failing and I'm going to need implants instead. If I was to have both teeth removed, what other options are there instead of a flipper whilst i wait for implant?
I've read flippers are uncomfortable and more annoying than they're worth. As it's side teeth and they show when I smile I'll need something to fill the gap.
Can anyone tell me how they've got on with flipper teeth or what other options they recommend please
I had a flipper for my front upper tooth while I waited for my implant to heal and then for the crown. It honestly was not as bad as I had thought it would be. Yes, it is annoying to have it fit across the roof of your mouth, but once it was in, I was usually able to forget about it.

I did have to get it adjusted about four or five times before it was comfortable but once it fit right, it never really bothered me.

The downside is eating. Technically you can eat with it in, but you can’t chew with the fake teeth. I would leave it out when at home, but if I ate out, I was careful about what I ate, or made sure to avoid getting anything that required biting into it, as it was my front tooth.
@MountainMama i also have flipper in front. In 2 weeks im getting my crown. It feels like its been forever. I never ate with mine . It felt funny. I cant wait to get rid of my lisp. Lol