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Floss picks



Well-known member
Jul 26, 2022
Might be a silly question but are floss picks better than nothing? My hands shake quite bad in general so I was really struggling with regular floss and managed to find this alternative unless a water flossed would be better? Thank you :)
Yes, they're pretty effective if you use the floss bit. Try TePe brushes though, they're better if you can manage them.
@Gordon thank you Gordon, I'll definitely have a look :)
I found long handle tepe brushes to be easier to manage and use than floss or the floss pik. It took a bit of getting the hang of them but I find them much easier now. Quite cheap price on amazon , I use size 0 as my teeth have very small gaps but they do a few different sizes.
My dentist was able to tell me the size I needed, so if you're not sure then they should be able to advise
@MumOfBoys1985 Thank you :) I'll try asking next time I have the dentist, I'll definitely have a look as these are still difficult but they should be fine for the mean time