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Flying on the Air Plane after Root Treatment



Apr 23, 2007
Is it ok to fly on the Plane after having a root canaled tooth done?
I am flying to Santa Ponsa in Spain on the 6th of August with my Dad and my Auntie. I read on the Internet about it hurting on the Air Plane and I hope it doesn't spoil my holiday.


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Didn't you have it done a while ago ? Unless i'm thinking about someting else :(

I'm sure loads of people fly having had a Root Canal.
Not sure about it hurting though :(
Hi...I have had rct's before and had to fly shortly after. I had the same concern, but Gordon has said that the only time flying would cause a problem is if there is an active infection in the tooth. Since you've had the root canal already, the tooth should be pain-free for flying ;)
Thanks everyone. I am now going to enjoy my holiday!
I am sure this man Gordon knows what he is talking about. I am not so nervous about flying on the Air Plane now.

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