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Flying with an abscess



Junior member
Mar 13, 2023
I am on a waiting list to have a wisdom tooth removed under general anaesthetic (complicated root system and lots of trauma).
In the mean time I have developed an abscess on the gum below the tooth. It’s not currently causing much pain beyond a dull achey feeling currently but there’s a lump with pus visible.
I plan to visit an emergency dentist for antibiotics as soon as I can get an appointment.

However - I am due to fly to Florida with my son (trip to Disneyworld) in about 5 days.
Will being on the plane cause the pain to be worse/unbearable? Should I be cancelling our holiday. (Side note - I recently flew to and from Paris and had minimal pain although I appreciate that’s a much shorter flight and doesn’t go as high).
It's fine to fly, enjoy the trip.

Make sure you've got adequate health insurance though, just in case it flares up when you're over there!