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Jul 10, 2023
I've been dealing with extreme fear of dentists and dental procedures for about 2 decades. Have had a lot of care in the last 11 months; most notably, I'm 1 implant down and now dealing with the tooth that's plagued me for many years, #3, second molar on upper right (having been "saved" in 2018). Feeling a bit dicey about my care team, which frankly sometimes seems to lack the time to properly attend to me.

I had a molar extracted on Friday (7/7), with considerable grafting. It was a gigantic molar, root canal-ed with crown in 2018 but that was loose by early 2022, and the gap is huge. I'm also a slow healer (gums still visibly scarred on the other side from implant on other side) and, at present, a nervous wreck. I've been pretty sick, vomiting a lot (including the blood I swallowed Friday -- either because of blood, the Percocet, or the Amoxicillin -- maybe all 3). Had a panic attack and sobbed on Saturday while throwing up, couldn't find an emergency dentist. I ended up with an appointment on Sunday morning, fearing I'd dislodged the clot and graft. Apparently it looks "ok" and I was told I could discontinue Amoxicillin by my surgeon who called while I was at the emergency dentist.

I planned a trip in January to fly internationally in just about 2 weeks. Do I have to abandon this? I don't want to, but can live with it if it's the best thing for my dental health. My worst nightmare is something going wrong in a foreign country, or all the money and effort I've spent being for naught. If the wound isn't totally closed, which I'm doubting it will be, I shouldn't go, right?

I was to get an Essix retainer (ugh) but an office administrative screw-up means I cannot guarantee I'll have this in time for the trip.

Any advice, including from professionals, would be most appreciated. I know this isn't a dental advice forum, but the posts here have been the only reason I haven't felt completely alone and insane as I dealt with dental woes these last 11 months.
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I don't see any reason whatever why you can't make your trip. Are you going someplace nice?
Thanks so much, Gordon. Yes, I'm going to Iceland! (There is a volcano erupting at present, so I'll be watching that too.)
Sounds fabulous, it's a place that's on my bucket list.