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Follow up on my previous post!



Junior member
Apr 6, 2014
Hi all! I meant to reply on my previous post (I am new here and have no idea how t find it lol) to update my experience going back to the dentist after having some traumatic experiences in the past,And feeling embarrassed. So I had my appointment on the 24th last month and had a panic attack the whole time driving there,sitting in the waiting room and filling out papers.But once I met my Dentist they completed faded.He was so nice,and kind and gentle and was explaining everything in detail about how my treatments were going to go.I have to get three wisdom teeth removed and two molars,Which ill need implants for eventually but for now Im fine as long as the pain goes away lol.I justbwanted to say thank you to everyone who really helped me get over my anxiety and fear. It worked out great so far.Hope my story encouraged everyone else,Whose shoes ive totally been in. Best wishes xx
For anyone wondering how to find a thread that they have started if you click on your user name on the thread it will take you to your profile on there you can click on the 'latest started threads' it will list all the threads that you have started and you can click onto one and add to it.

Thank you for letting us know how you got on and how much better you are feeling. How lucky for you that you have a nice dentist too. There are a lot out there we just need to go and meet them.

Well done :yay::yay::yay::yayy::claps::claps::claps::perfect::wow::whirl::whirl::whirl::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::bounces::bounces::bounces::butterfly: