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Follow up



Former Member
Hello all

After my dentist tapped my ceramic crown and days later part of the crown feel off I am having an new crown .
Now my previous dentist left some small tiny pins in it when he prepared the first crown .

When part of the crown fell off he did an impression which caused the other part of the crown to come off as well.

So the tooth underneath was at the state of when the original dentist did it but my new dentist wanted to remove the old pins which was actual tiny bits and reshape the tooth into a better shape for a crown .

I was reluctant to do this as I said it been fine for 10 years anyway he said it was for the best. Even after I said I was going away on holiday he wanted to do all this before . The temporary crown he put on was perfect no pain.

I went a week ago for him to take pins out and reshape tooth , I am now on holiday and gums are red , and I have white marks where I th ink he injected me . I have emailed him to explain and he said the red sore gums are probably the injection Sites or where he put dam
On .

I am
Really worried as he took over from a dentist I really trusted. Also next to this tooth a root canal was done years ago and I am
Worried this might have been messed up as he had difficulty on fitting the dam and it has been really sore .

I worrying for nothing ?

Yes, sounds like you're worrying over nothing. HTH.

Do you think the red sore gums are ok , never had this sort of trouble before ?
Yes, probably just some trauma from all the local/rubber dam