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Food stuck in extraction site?



Feb 4, 2017
North Carolina
I'm trying not to freak out here. But this is the first time I ever had a tooth extraction in the bottom molar before. All day I have got food stuck in the extraction hole, and I've managed to get it out, but a tiny piece of hard lifesaver candy (that I was eating on the opposite side of the mouth, got lodged in there and went under the gum I think. It's been 10 days (January 30) since my extraction and I have not had pain or anything.

Anyway, I quickly rinsed it out with warm salt water, but I'm not sure if worked. I can't tell, I'm worried that something might get infected, or if it'll just dissolve or what. I'm freaking myself out :shame:
If it's been 10 days then you're likely in the clear. Any small bits of food that get stuck in the extraction socket will be resorbed by your body. Happens to people all the time!
I just had a tooth pulled 48 hours ago and Googled this exact question! *panic*
I read some of the answers but I don't dare go in there with any foreign object! Infecting a site is dangerous and painful. I have a spray bottle filled with water and put it on "stream", squirted it twice VERY gently and it was out! Hope this helps anyone else who panics like I did! ?
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