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Food stuck in wisdom tooth surgery site


Jane Dorothy

Junior member
Jun 14, 2019
Hi, I would like to highlight on my concern as food debris kept stuck in the hole of my wisdom tooth surgery site after 3 weeks of extraction. Is it normal? Will the hole be closed ?I am worried as it is painful at times and worried to get an infection. Had been gargling with mouthwash but there is still something inside and I also used a small dented tooth brush to try to dig the food out. Can someone help me with my worries?
It can take awhile for the gum to fully heal after an extraction, 3-4 weeks or longer. I had impacted wisdom teeth and felt the need to watch the area until about 6 weeks after surgery.

Something the surgeon provided to me after the surgery was a plastic syringe to help with cleaning the area. Maybe you can flush the debris out with water and a syringe?
Hi Jane Dorothy,
Yes, the situation you describe is normal and very good advice from Sol about flushing it out with a syringe. When I say syringe, I do not mean anything with a needle on it, which could land you in hot water in Singapore!!:grin: Rather one with a curved blunt plastic end. The curve on the tip really helps you get into the socket.
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