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For those of you who are scared (deep cleaning)



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I made a decision today to just go..after months of cancelling appointments..being afraid. I called and asked if she had any openings today, she did. :hidesbehindsofa:
I got one today at 2:30 LOL And tomorrow at 11:30 am. I called her on a whim because I am so SICK of being afraid of what might happen. I need a deep cleaning and 2 crowns. The cleaning will go first.
I mean whats the worse that can happen? Im not going to die. Maybe, I just feel a little stronger today after seeing London on CNN :confused:
I will update later on what happened.
Re: For those of you who are scared (deep cleaning

Hi Kyjm and :welcome: ,

my goodness, that's very brave! Can't wait to hear from you how the appointment went.

Quite a few people who write here have had a "deep cleaning" and have reported back that it was fine. Hoping it went well for you too.

Re: For those of you who are scared (deep cleaning

Hey I made it through ! Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
I asked her if she was going to use the Novocaine or if I could go with out for now until it hurts LOL
She gave me some gel stuff which numbs it for 10 min or so..really nothing. The first appointment was only 20 MIN! :cheers:
I couldn't believe it...right side all done..No PAIN at all..
Second appointment next day: Morning time ..took longer..she went over the side she already did....Scraping, picking..(my teeth are Puurfect after this now) then proceeded to the other side which did actually hurt some when root plaining (sp?) I guess it entails sort of drilling under the gums (well maybe not drilling..lol) I felt it..but not tooo bad..It really was nothing like I though tit would be.
Now on Wednesday I get my crown. Shes will make me a temp while i await for the new one. I think Ill live...LOL
Not as bad as I thought.. Its still in the back of my head to cancel and prolong the next appointment though..but for what I ask myself..to end up with a ROOT CANAL ?? UMMM NOOOoooo :jump:
All in all , My teeth feel SO good and they shine. (i just quit smoking last DEC) People actually notice. My dentist is a wonderful Indian dentist. Very calm, very patient, nice and will take payments for her work which she discounted for me after all. (No insurance here)
Take care, questions just ask..me.
Ill update again after my crowns.. (i need 2)
After all this, I'm golden..with Nice teeth and Ill be happy LOL