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Found a hard lump in my inner cheek and now i'm terrified



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Sep 25, 2019
Tonight i found this hard lump in my inner cheek, i had felt something there for a couple of days, but it seemed to come and go, so i didn't pay much attention to it, but now it seems to be like, a proper hard lump, and i'm very scared

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the lump is hard and mostly painless, like the cheek feels a bit irritated and bothers me a bit when i pass my tongue near it, but it's not pain-pain
I’m not a doctor, but this seems to be in the area of your parotid duct. An extra info you could give is, do you have a fever?
Not at the moment, i have had a bit of flu with a bit of heat last week, but i think i'm fine now?

The lump is very much hard/solid also
I think now it sort of "deflated" and looks less like a lump, but the skin there is still the same color. I think this happened multiple times in the previous days...

You've most likely caught the parotid saliva gland duct when you were chewing. It'll get better in a few days.