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Found something Upper on pre molar...severe panic attack.



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Dec 10, 2006
Hey. Been a while. No offense but as i have severe OCD over my teeth, the fourms can also be a trigger for me so i tend to avoid them.

Anyhow, yesterday i was brushing my teeth and i happened to run the tip of my finger across my upper premolar on the lingual (toung) side and on the last one before my molar my fingernale catched on the biting edge and surface side in what felt like a worn spot. I instantly ran to the bathroom mirror to check fearing it was cracked or something (even though i dont eat hard foods) and did a transilliumation test, and nothing, the light shone through the tooth no problem.

(from what im told pre molar cracks almost always happen within the grove themselves of the tooth not on the side)

When i run the tip of my toung or finger across the area it feels perfectly smooth but when i use my nail it catches slightly. It seems to be a streight line, only up slightly from the biting surface and doesnt feel deep at all, i dont have any pain or sensitity to heat or cold (and with the transillumation test if it was a crack the light would not shine though right?)

Im thinking (and hoping) its just a bit of worn enamel as the tooth does have contact with the bottom tooth and the molar below me has a worn spot too.

I havent seen a dentist in a few years due to the pandemic (i dont leave the house without a mask on even though i am vaccinated) and i am over due, but i'm nervous to be out in public without a mask on...

Should i worry or should i just casually bring it up when i do go to the dentist. If it was like severe like i was missing a chunk of the tooth or a crack or in pain, i would go to the dentist clearly, but this seems so minor i doubt even the dentist would notice it on a checkup unless i brought it up.

Its just anything teeth related with me triggers severe ocd panic attacks. Last year i missed out on a paid disneyworld trip (which cost me 1700 dollars) because i never been on a plane and was terrified of flying and that flying might cause dental issues!

I know im seeking assurance here and online you can only say so much without actually seeing it, its just, any bit helps

Hey Al, nice to hear from you again, I hope you're doing OK.

It's probably (as you think) a bit of worn enamel. Sometimes the enamel comes off in flakes, rather than smoothly, so you get a sort of edge like a chip on a plate? It'll probably wear down a bit more smoothly in time.

Regards to eating hard foods, if you think about it, the hardest thing your teeth will encounter when you're chewing is the opposite tooth, so it really doesn't make any difference how hard or soft the bit of food in between them is :)
Thank you so much Gordon, you help put my mind at ease. It still frightens and amazes me though how quickly my mind jumps to the worst case senerio cause in my mind, any enamel breach is bad...and i instantly have anxiety of going though that pain of having those broken 2 molars i had extracted almost 20 years ago. I never wana live though that again.

I think the worst part of it all, (besides the physical pain of course and the infection that shot right into my ear at night and was so bad i couldent sleep) was when i went to my fathers dentist (my dad has almost no teeth) the guy was so condencending, so judgemental that even though in hindsight i doubt it was his intent, he made me feel like i was so low, so broken because i had 2 broken teeth and some cavaties at the time, that the judgment alone from him in his voice still echos in a way in my head and over time has become this thing were i feel permently broken (Not just from him, from many other things as well) and with teeth, they cant heal on their own, and i guess mentally thats a relfection of how i struggle inside.

Like...my mind instantly goes there the moment any dental issue arises. I talk about it with my therapists and i dont think she fully understands!

but thanks anyway my friend. I'm greatful for your advice
My pleasure Al, keep well buddy.