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Four impacted wisdom teeth - A success



Junior member
Aug 13, 2015
Dear all,

Wisdom teeth removal is scary. Just so everyone knows - not everyone will have the same bad or good experience. But here is mine anyways. So I had to get four impacted ones out. Oh crap. The three months before I was a nervous wreck. Kind of ruined a lot of that time. So the day finally came and I was sure it'd be awful. The start was just as bad as I thought it'd be. Apparently I asked too many question in the beginning so they had to reschedule me for three hours later with a different surgeon. However, this was a blessing in disguise! She was very assuring in the type of "do you think I'd let anything bad happen to you" manner, and was very sincere. She only put me in twilight, but I swear to god I did not feel a thing. I got up, left, and then went home. Step one, complete.

So I'm laying on my couch about eight hours after this whole ordeal and I realize well it's been about eight hours since my last pain med... But no pain... None at all really. Not sure what this was all about. Now I'm currently writing this at 2:30 am on the way beginning of day 3 and with Acetaminophen 600 and Tylenol I'm fine. The only complaints I have are as follows.

1. I'm pretty sure she nicked me with the scalpel on the roof of my mouth because I can kinda feel a cut there. There, and on the bottom right cheek tissue.

*****2. I rinsed with a large cup of water with equally proportionate salt added. I figured I'd rather not hold salt in my mouth for five minutes so why not clean and release multiple times? I didn't spit. DO NOT SPIT. Just let it fall out. Regardless... since about 10 minutes after I rinsed with salt water my lower lip has been very stiff around the muscles close to my chin sort of under my canines. Imagine the action of moving your lips to expose your lower teeth, then imagine just not being able to do that. Correlates with when I rinsed with salt water, but I have never known that to be a side effect. I'm assuming I just never noticed it. I hope that too much salt water rinsing doesn't cause dry socket. That is the last hurdle I have to get over to be done with this hunger-inducing beast of a procedure.

I am probably going to go in tomorrow for a follow-up just because of time constraints, and then I will let you guys know whats up. If you have any comments or questions, or especially an answer to #2, please comment below.

ALSO -- still bleeding a bit... I think thats normal though. Peace everyone.



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Forum Buddy
Jan 5, 2012
Hi Jordan :welcome: to the forum.

Well done for going and getting it done, question one it is possible but you will feel sore after this, don't let your tongue fiddle too much with it as it will make it more sore.

2. Salt water will not cause dry socket, you can rinse with it as much as you want to. It is probably the after effects from the procedure that is causing the sensation or lack of in your lip. I had some really weird and strange sensations in my mouth for some time after having my impacted wisdoms out.

You are usually safe from dry socket after 72 hours. You sound like you are a text book case and things are going perfectly for you.

Happy healing, let us know how you get on please :butterfly: