Four Wisdom Teeth out Via IV sedation



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Dec 23, 2008
This story is spoken from someone who has a severe case of dental phobia. Two years ago, when I first attempted to get my wisdom teeth removed at age 18 via IV sedation. I walked into the dental office sat down, and waited for them to call my name to come back into the procedure room. When I sat down on the dental chair my anxiety went up exponentially. The nurse strapped on the heart rate monitors, one around my bicep and the other on my index finger. The monitor immediately starting going off with loud beeps every 3 seconds. The doctor just told me to relax, and I'm going to feel a little pinch for the gauge for the IV to be inserted. That was the easy part. Now the problem was the heart rate monitor was still going nuts, and they could not start the procedure in till my heart rate went down. Let's just say my pulse spiked up to 160 and stayed there for 40 minutes even after the doctor giving me 5mg Valium. (I'm guessing my adrenaline was spiking my heart rate) I politely told the doctor I'd like to have this done at a later time, and she said not a problem.

Fast forward 2 years from the first visit. Which was earlier today December 22 2008. I could not sleep a wink the night before the dental procedure. I mean I had the serious case of the shakes and what not. So at 8:00 am an hour before I was supposed to go to the oral surgeon, Dr. Hung told me to take 20mg of Valium. Talk about a miracle drug! I had no anxiety once so ever walking into the office and sitting down in the operating chair. I asked if I could listen to music during the procedure and what not and she politely told me to keep it low. They strapped me up to the heart rate monitor and put in the gauge, I actually laughed a bit when she put it in. Then 5 seconds later I was in dreamland. My doctor did not even tell me to count down, they just knocked me out. Then the next thing I knew It was all done and the nurse was shaking me to wake me up. I looked around and said, "All four?" The doctor responded, "Yes all four." I stood up out of the chair and gave them the biggest hugs this world has ever seen. It was a breeze. So anyone I mean anyone nervous or on the fence about getting wisdom teeth extracted, you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure during the consultation just tell them you have anxiety over dentists and they will give you a sedative to relax you. I highly recommend Valium. Sorry about the huge wall of text I posted here, but I hope it empowers you to conquer your fears. :yay: