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Fractured dental bridge



Junior member
Mar 3, 2022

I had dental bridge (it was a long span zirconia dental bridge) in 2019. I somehow gotten persuaded by the dentist to get a long span bridge (sigh) and regretted it after the treatment was done :(

Starting few months ago, I realized I could feel sharp edge on some part of the bridge. Today, while eating dinner, the bridge cracked on the connection of the missing teeth. The pontic/false teeth were loose and out of the mouth now! Crowns on the abutment are still intact just had minor hole on the side where the part cracked. I am unable to visit the dentist anytime soon, hopefully dentists here can answer my questions:-

1) Now the false teeth are out, I could see some red gums under the (used to be) dental bridge. May I know what's causing this? Not painful, just a little bit sore.
2) Need to know if this bridge could be repaired? Of if couldn't could I get the abutment's crowns repaired?

I'm hoping I don't have to replace the crowns on the abutment, and getting implants for the missing teeth

Thanks in advance.
1) Probably just irritation from the bridge.
2) Probably not. Getting it off the remaining crowns will be very difficult. Repairing in situ would be difficult. It might be possible to salvage the crowns, depends on where the fractures are.