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Fractured front tooth



Junior member
Mar 17, 2016
Hi there, I'm hoping someone here can give me some advice please.

A week ago ago I fracture my front tooth badly. Just the one, about to the gum line. I got seen by a dentist 2 hours after. He cleaned the tooth up and filled it in, so looks almost like it did before, apart from a slightly different colour. It was a little sensitive however that went after a day, but just yesterday the tooth next to that has started to get very sensitive with cold drinks etc. I am worried that j may of damaged that aswel even though it wasn't hit when I fractured the one next to it.

He mentioned possibility of a root canal, however do you think it will develop into a large problem or will I just be able to keep the filling?

Also if I have a root canal will it still look natural? Do they keep the original tooth in. I am so upset as I had braces on for 3 years and have a beautiful smile.

Any advice or just reassure me please.

Many thanks
Any ideas people I'm in quite a lot of pain now, any insight would be appreciated.

Many thanks
I am sorry you are going through this. I have been having my share of dental problems lately too.

i can only speak about my personal experience. I recently had an extraction of two of my back top molars. The day after and for a few days later, my front tooth was quite sensitive and achy. It has since relieved. I have always been told that any dental work can cause temporary sensitivity in other teeth. But if it is that painful try and get your dentist to look at.

As for a root canal in a front tooth, I have one. Over the years the color has changed, darker, but not anything major.

I know now what it is to be really concerned about something, post and not have a reply. I am extremely anxious and suffer with health anxiety and know what it is like to be scared about pain and medical procedures. I hope my response helps to alleviate your concern.
Thank you for your response. My mouth is still very sensitive, I have been using sensodyne to no avail. i have a appointment now in 3 weeks, the dentist say this should allow time for the tooth to settle or nerve to die off. Thanks for your reassurance, fingers crossed I won't need root canal. It's not nice when you hear all the horror stories.

Hey Treeclimber,

So sorry to hear you're going through this. I also had a root canal done in a front tooth, and really, it wasn't that bad at all. It's much better than a molar since there's only 1 root.

Did you see a dentist or an endodontist? If you're questioning anything I would see an endo; they're experts in the field and can definitely calm your nerves by giving more accurate insight.
It was just a regular dental practice. I might have to look into that though I didn't realise they were other options.

THe sensitivity is getting worse now, and really putting me off anything cold, even brushing my teeth hurts!

Thanks for all your help, fingers crossed it will settle down. Will keep you updated