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Fractured Molar Extraction :(



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Feb 5, 2015
Hi everyone. Last night whilst (ironically) eating a Softmint, I cracked my molar (#6), and suffered a horizontal fracture. In an emergency appointment today, the dentist I saw was not my usual. As a side note to being told I need to have the tooth extracted, he was incredibly rude, failed to answer questions and totally ignorant to my clear discomfort. Because of this I've opted to wait until Monday when I will be home and visit my usual (lovely!) dentist.

I was just hoping someone could put my mind at ease. It's something that really terrifies me, and the dentist didn't make it any better. Can anyone tell me THEIR experience? :cry:
you need to get another opinion! if it was a vertical root fracture they would be correct to extract it but a horizontal crack in the top of your tooth can be built up with composite filling and crowned.
I had to lose a tooth last month because of a vertical root fracture.
cracks in the top of your teeth even if it is broken to the gumline can be crowned and if needed root canaled. do not let them take your tooth til you get another opinion
Just thought I'd update, yesterday my usual dentist decided to extract the fractured portion of the tooth and place a filling in it's place. She said the tooth may end up still needing to be extracted, but if in a month there aren't any complications she'll complete the filling work (assuming she means crowning it), she'd polish so not the easiest to understand, but much more understanding of me! Also finally picked up an electric toothbrush, any tips on caring for this filling? It appears to be a white one!
if they took off the broken part it was not extracted. extracted would mean your tooth was gone so I am glad you did not listen to the first dentist, because like I said your tooth could be saved. care of a white composite filling is the same as care of your teeth. brush and floss daily.
if the tooth needs to be crowned do not crunch down on anything hard like nuts or raw carrots etc until your restoration is complete.
Yet another update, this one not so positive. The filling didn't do the job, and last night the other side of the fracture came out as I ate some pasta. Went to the dentist this morning and she removed the filling, leaving me with less than half a tooth. Because of my dental phobia, she's reluctant to extract the tooth and fears it may be a difficult procedure. I, however, insisted on extraction. The bad side is, I have to wait a week until the pulling! Now I'm panicking about the pain, and will be for seven days. Does anyone have any idea how difficult the extraction really will be, and if I should really be all that concerned?
Hi don't get into a right old panic :grouphug:

When a dentist says to us that something is going to be difficult, they don't mean for us, they mean for them. It could mean that the roots are curved or that they think the tooth might break. Which sounds much worse that it actually is. It means that they need to take greater care trying to avoid the tooth breaking, but if it did they just lift the pieces out instead of the full tooth.

There will be no pain when the extraction is being preformed because you will be numb, the same as when you have a filling.

Why do you want it extracting?

Would you not prefer to try and save the tooth if that is an option? :butterfly:
The tooth has caused me so much trouble over the years, infections and toothache, now all this, it feels like I'd just be postponing the inevitable with any other treatment. I don't think there's anything else that can be done at this point either, I just want this whole horrible situation over with! I'm fine as soon as they inject me (usually), but I've never had more than a filling.:shame:
sorry to hear you have decided to get rid of the tooth. I had a tooth that was more filling than tooth for over 33 years and it was fine. above the gum line I only had one tooth wall, the rest (about 80%) was filling. It was great until a few months ago when a dentist fractured the root and I had to be rid of it.

an extraction is not difficult at all, it will be the fastest, shortest, most pain free dental appointment you have ever had. 2 minutes or less and it is over.
I understand, please don't worry when they extract the tooth you will be totally numb. If you aren't sure that you are ask them to test the area for you, this will not hurt. I didn't realise that you hadn't had an extraction before. When you are totally numb they will prepare the tooth and lift it out, if the tooth breaks they may have to use the hand piece to drill a little bit and as I said they will lift the pieces out. I am sure it will be okay for you. There will be no pulling or tugging which is what a lot of people think is going to happen.

You probably won't even know the tooth has gone until the dentist says, there you go it is gone. You will feel much better once it is gone, no more worry or pain with this tooth. When you have had trouble for a long time with a tooth it is just a big weight of your mind.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover: :butterfly:
Hi all

Thank you very much for all your kind words, really helping with the anxiety about the appointment. I just have some questions to ask, while there are lots of threads on the subject around, nothing seems to tell me what I'd like to know.

  • How long does it take until I can be sure I won't damage the site? I know healing differs from person to person, but any estimate would do! Just things like food getting trapped
  • When is the soonest solid food can be consumed? Things like chips, pasta, burritos - Craving these the most! On a mostly milkshake diet right now, too afraid of getting food trapped in the broken tooth! I can eat perfectly fine on the left side
  • Will I ever eat nachos again? :p

Thanks again everyone! Nearly over it all!
Hi it does vary from person to person but I have always been fine with not being worried about food getting trapped in the extraction site between about 5 to 7 days. I know someone that had a tooth out in the morning and had a full on chicken dinner at lunch time. That is a bit too brave for me but it is down to you. There is no reason not to eat what you want on the other side as long as you rinse after eating and keeping the site clean.

Chips etc... eat as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. Yes you will eat nachos by the dozen again if you want to :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

All the best to you, try not to be too stressed it will be okay :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::hug5::hug5::hug5::butterfly:
It's done. What a procedure. I was in the chair for an hour! It wasn't PAINFUL, but the pressure was crazy. According to my dentist, one of the tooth's roots is fused to the bone. She chose to leave it in, and said it shouldn't be a problem. Has anyone ever experienced this? Hoping it won't cause me issues. The extraction site is pretty sore now, feeling very sorry for myself! :cry:

Also, one of the teeth adjacent to the extraction site feels very vulnerable and even unstable. Is this just me being paranoid, or just because it doesn't have anything to lean on right now?
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I am pleased that it is now over and the demon tooth has been banished forever :jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::respect::respect::respect:

The tooth next to it will feel strange and may even hurt a little this is normal and even if it does feel unstable as you are experiencing this too is quite normal. It is very annoying but normal all the same. Yes it has been know to leave a bit of a tooth root in there and as your dentist says it shouldn't cause you any problems. I don't know if you have thawed out yet but do take some pain meds before you do to get on top of any soreness or pain you might experience.

Your jaw will probably feel a bit stiff tomorrow and for a couple of days, follow the aftercare instructions and take it easy for today, really pamper yourself or better still if there is someone there to do then DO TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

I think you have done really well and i am really pleased that your dentist took her time and that you suffered no pain :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly:
edit: whoops missed the second page. I'm glad it's all done!
Yowch, that anesthetic wore off quick! Took some painkillers pretty quickly that got on top of it though. Still a bit concerned about the adjacent tooth, biting down on it makes it feel almost loose in the gum! Although after how much effort was used today to take one out, the chance of a 'loose tooth' seems unlikely :) still, if anyone has experienced this feeling, let me know to put my mind at ease! It feels like it's popped out of the gum, yet still in the jaw. Or maybe my gum is just swollen. Wow, I'm impossible. :)

You're all wonderful on here and really put my mind at ease. :XXLhug:

Now to make sure that blood clot forms and stays in! It looks almost foamy? It's dark red and bloody from what I can see, but it almost looks as though there are little tiny bubbles on it.
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The feeling on the adjacent tooth is normal, the gum will toughen an tighten back up as you heal. I hate the after effects of extraction even when they aren't painful I just hate the whole process.

Happy healing keep taking the pain meds as you need them and follow the aftercare instructions. When you start with the salt water rinses let the water dribble out of your mouth don't spit it out as this can dislodge the clot. After 72 hours after extraction you are usually clean from dry socket :butterfly:
Feeling much better re: pain today! Not much at all really, gotten used to drinking so at least I can get back to drinking milkshakes to sustain myself! Here's hoping my swollen gums go down a bit more!

This link of foods to eat may help you :butterfly:

You actually start to feel better once you manage to get some food.
I'll have to give some of that a try! One more question, I've had this weird bitter, almost picked onion like taste in my mouth when (small) amounts of blood have been coming out of my mouth when spitting or getting liquids in my mouth. Is this normal? It's quite unpleasant! The swelling may have started to go down, but I'm not entirely sure. Also, when looking at the site, I can't really see a clot, but I can't see any bone or anything like that, it's just fleshy and dark red. Then again, I can't see that far down into it!

I'll be honest, I'm not coping too well with all this. I'll probably regret posting this, but I feel like I need to get it out somewhere! I'm terrified of doing anything but sitting alone, just waiting for it to heal. I'm too afraid to eat because the swelling's made it so when I swallow my tongue brushes my tooth, something that makes me pretty nauseus. Ontop of that, the fear of dry socket's just keeping me terrified, and probably making the pain worse! I refuse to go back to the dentist's office, while I know they're friendly and will probably just tell me it's all fine, an HOUR in that chair's really taken it's toll on my mentality toward the place. As well as this, I'm facing a relatively long (3 hour) journey back to Uni on Monday, where even though I know more of my comfort items are, I'm going to be alone and I have important work coming up so I don't have the time to be worried or in pain.

Maybe I'm just venting!
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