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Freaking out about wisdom teeth + 2 broken molars extraction appointment!



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Oct 30, 2018
Hey, y'all. I go in a week to an oral surgeon to have my first extractions ever. I'm getting all four wisdom teeth pulled (they've fully erupted) and two broken molars cut out. I have had an extreme fear of dentists and anything to do with dental work or teeth for probably more than 15 years now after a terrible experience as a kid. I've gone back to the dentist multiple times to try to get over my fears and get the work done that I know is needed, but it never sticks. I finally got myself to go back to the dentist this year, and this is my first step to getting my mouth back on track after trying to ignore it for a few years. I've been having some panic attacks the closer I get to d-day, but oddly enough I'm not too concerned with the procedure itself. I'm getting sedation, so I won't have to hear anything to be too cognisant (hopefully) during the procedure. My oral surgeon also sounded pretty optimistic that it'd be a fast and easy process since the wisdom teeth are all fully erupted (I'm 29 :/) and the two broken molars seem to be pretty basic procedure-wise. My fear comes in when I think about the aftercare. I'm terrified of the pain and swelling; since I'm older and am getting a lot of teeth done at once I'm afraid the pain will be too much for me, the healing process will take longer, and that I'm more likely to screw something up and hurt myself or get dry socket or something. I guess I'm also just afraid that after I'll look/feel different since I'm losing some of my teeth :\. I know that my anxiety makes my worrying worse and can carry me away with all kinds of "what if's," but knowing that doesn't help stop the worrying and fear the closer I get to the appointment. Does anyone have any kind of similar situations they've gone through with extractions that can give me more info on what to expect (truthfully with all the real details) afterward? *If this isn't the place for this post, sorry! This is my first time posting!*
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Hi amelia :welcome:

first of all very well done on getting back on track with your teeth, this is a very courageous step! Good to read that you are getting iv sedation and won't have to worry about anything during the procedure.
To your questions: 29 doesn't seem any old to me and if you take a look around here on the forum, you will find a lot of people of all ages getting through extractions and having healed just fine.
Wisdom teeth are very far back and won't affect your face and I would be very surprised if the two other ones did. There was a post with a similar worry recently which I can't find now sadly.
Painkillers and ice packs will take care of any pain and swelling. Here is a link from our FAQ with further advices for the care after an extraction: https://www.dentalfearcentral.org/faq/healing/

All the best wishes and if you find yourself panicking (which would be very normal), feel free to vent here :)
This is the post I was talking about:

It contains an amazing love story as well so a great thread to read on a rainy evening with a cup of tea :innocent:

I really agree with Enarete,, and very well done on making the appt to get this done despite your fears, that is the very definition of bravery! You've have bad experiences, and you have anxiety and you are taking steps to care for yourself and what your body needs and that is amazing! By paying close attn too to what you need and doing the sedation to help you get through is very self aware. and writing on here to process and get support you are well on your way!!

I really hope things go well. Sounds like they are confident it will be an very straightforward procedure.. I so understand all the what ifs for afterwards.. Its hard and you are really brave for this.. we are all here to help you process through the before and after and all the what ifs and questions.. and may not have all the answers but can certainly be here to support you :).
Pain and swelling varies from person to person. About 4.5 years ago i had a bunch of extractions including wisdom teeth. A total of 7 on top one week and 7 on bottom the next. I didn't really have much pain and swelling. And if you follow instructions supplied you can max your chance of healing fine.
Re: Freaking out about wisdom teeth +2 broken molars extraction appointment

Thank you so much to everyone who responded! I really appreciate the kind words and encouragement. I might sound brave but I don't feel it :/ I go on Thursday morning for the procedure (it's Tuesday, and have some questions that I'm afraid I won't get to ask the surgeon/doctor beforehand or will be too out of it to be able to ask after. I know I can't rinse or do anything with my mouth really for the first 24 hours--but what if I eat/drink something (like a protein shake as I'm sure I won't be up to chewing)? Also, I'm pretty religious with using an antiseptic mouthwash (the brown Listerine) when I brush my teeth, so when would be safe to start using that again after the procedure? Also also, I've heard that lockjaw is something that could potentially happen after losing your wisdom teeth, but I'm not sure how common that is, what to do to keep that from happening, or if I should even be worried about it.Sorry for the onslaught of questions--I just want to make sure I can cover all my bases whether I get to ask these questions on d-day or not. Thanks again for so much support! It really has helped ease some of my anxiety. :)
I go in also on Thursday am having 2 wisdom out and a few others. Am so very nervous and like you its afterwards i am afraid of. Ive been in pain most of my life but since summer this year its been awful with abscesses every few weeks antibiotics are now not working for me. I wish you all the best lets hope we can both be on here this time next week a lot better and pain free
Hey Y’all!
Sitting here 7 hours post-op and I seem to have survived! I wanted to thank you all again for so much support and helping me feel as good as I could before I went in today! I’m definitely feeling some soreness in my top right extraction site, and I’m still bleeding but I’ve been told that’s normal since I didn’t need stitches in any of my extractions. The staff and surgeon were super nice and understanding about my anxiety, and being under sedation was the weirdest sensation lol but I’d recommend anyone with dental fears to look into it if it’s a possibility. My lower lip and entire chin are still completely numb, which is really my only concern right now besides getting the bleeding slowed in the next day or so. Also, I’ve not had any swelling so far, but I’ve been pretty diligent with ice packs since I got out. Apologies if some of this is a little wonky, I’m typing on my phone slightly under the influence of pain killers ????

This is great to hear it went well and they were really understanding about your anxiety! Hope your healing continues to go great :) :jump: