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Freaking Out and Scared



Junior member
Feb 14, 2018
I am serious freaking out and scared. I could use some positive views.

Several weeks back I went to the dentist to have a filling replaced. I was having some discomfort and the dentist said the filling was loose or not sitting right. He fixed the filling, he said I must have chewed hard or hit it with something. That tooth is still sore but I think its OK. I was scared to chew on it, but a few days later I decided to try it out. I chewed on that side and not got a somewhat similar but more sharp pain closer to front of my mouth. I think its coming from a molar that is 1-2 spaces towards front. The pain is only if I chew on it, I dont feel anything different when I have hot or cold drinks. I have only had fillings done, and to this point that has been a big issue to stay in the chair. last time I almost blacked out in the chair. I should share that I was to the dentist a few months back and had full xrays, first time in my life I was cleared with no issue there.

What do you guys think? I have an appointment in the morning and I am close to canceling. I dont think I can go back to that office, the dentist and staff are nice but I had a nightmare the dentist said he wants to pull my teeth. Freaking out, scared, thinking hes gonna do something extreme.

Whats wrong with my teeth? I'm scared.
Dental fears.

I can totally understand your fears . Remember you are in control of what you allow the dentist to do and if you do not feel comfortable with something you do not have to give them permission or allow them to do anything you don't want or are scared to. Take whatever steps you can and feel comfortable. You are brave to even step into the dental office and the chair!! So I encourage you don't cancel... just take one step at a time! :) and I really wish the best for you and whatever it is they will make it very easy for you! and painfree.. let us know how it goes!

sorry to hear about your situation. I can understand that you are not happy to go back to the dentist since the filling was such a challenge for you but, als krlovesherkids777 said, please do not cancel.

The original function of fear is to keep us away from danger. A problem is, when the thing, we are afraid of actually is something that we need - a dental visit, for example. That's why fighting it is so hard - you are basically trying to go to the dentist despite your whole body and mind telling you not to.
Your anxiety and your nightmares do not mean that the visit will be unpleasant. In fact, you do not know what is going on with the tooth and what needs to be done.

If you are too scared, you could ask the dentist to just take a look at the tooth to asses what's wrong and then you could discuss when and how to do the treatment in a way you can cope with.

All the best wishes and good luck and let us know how you are doing