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Freaking out!!



Junior member
Oct 23, 2023
Cleveland, OH
I have an appointment scheduled for December 1st, I'm supposed to get 5 extractions at one time with only novocain and I AM PETRIFIED! I have had an EXTREME phobia of all things dental related since I was a small child when 2 dentists proceeded to extract a bad tooth before ensuring I was numb/etc and 1 held me down while the other yanked away. Needless to say that literally ruined my view of dentists all my life and end result is these jacked up teeth I have now. Im supposed to get a temporary partial the same day. I am literally sick thinking about it. How can they pull 5 at once?!? Wtf am I gonna go through?!? Oh man I may cancel!
@karizmaflipp I can totally empathize, but don't panic. You can do this. Are you seeing a general dentist or an oral surgeon? Which teeth are they? Are they near each other?
He's a general dentist specializes in dentures/implants. There are 4 on one side and 1 on other all molars and a failed crown post that has to be removed its my front tooth 😫
I had 14 extractions at one time with local only. Felt absolutely nothing. Even the injections were painless. I might suggest keeping your eyes closed and don’t look at what they are using. Also bring music to listen to during the procedure. I even had a paletal injection and didn’t feel anything. Good luck. Believe me the waiting was 1000 times worse than the injections and procedure. I had 12-15 injections. Let us know how you do.
@karizmaflipp I'm sorry I asked you a question and then disappeared. I got very distracted by work this week and then with the holiday I was out of my routine. If your dentist specializes in implants, he should be pretty experienced with extractions then. I'm so sorry you are having to lose so many teeth. I have lost eight in addition to my wisdom teeth. I have lost mine gradually - one or two at a time - over the years. My father, however, was 80 years old with a bad heart when he had his remaining teeth removed for full dentures. I think it was about 12 teeth in all four quadrants with just local anesthetic. He did well. I really do understand your panic as I have canceled many appointments in my day and have lost the teeth that I have lost due to avoided check-ups and fillings. I'm even nervous today because I have been delaying getting a much-needed lower partial and I finally made an appointment last week for next Wednesday. I'm nervous about even getting the molds done! Phobias are powerful! Do you still have the appointment scheduled? If you answer, I will reply. Even if you have canceled, I hope you will let us know, as I would like to encourage you either way. Ladydi1724 is so right, though, that the waiting - and the anticipatory anxiety - are generally much worse than the procedure.
Im still scheduled for molds Thursday and "surgery" as she called it Friday 😫. If I want can I request Nitrous the day of procedure? Does anyone know? Ugh I'm so friggin nauseous thinking about it!
@karizmaflipp I'm so glad you still have your appointment. I think I would call the dental office on Monday and ask about the nitrous. I don't think all dentists still offer that so you would want to know before the day of your appointment. I so get it. I'll be thinking of you and checking regularly here as your appointment approaches. Just think of how relieved you will be when they are out.
@karizmaflipp Hi I had exactly the same procedure and I wanted to pull out …. It’s scary I’m now 1 week in and I’m coping… if the pain gets too much I head for the mirror!!