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Free resource pack for supporting survivors and victims of abuse and trauma at the dentist



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Jan 1, 2005
Came across a very useful resource pack on the VictimFocus website: https://www.victimfocus.com/trauma-informed-medical-resources (scroll down a little).

There's an excellent "Your Wellbeing During Dental Appointments" form which anyone who has experienced trauma or abuse could use to let their dentist know how they feel beforehand (see attachment).


  • Wellbeing Dental FormFINAL.pdf
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Not sure if it’s just me, but the attachment is not working. It just brings up jibberish like it is maybe a broken link? I am on my ipad so it could be a compatibility issue but not sure.
Strange, just tried again on my cell phone and it loads just fine so it must be a compatibility issue with the ipad.
It works for me, but you could try going to the link I mentioned above and then download the resource pack (it's a zip file). It contains 4 documents, and one of them is the "Your Wellbeing During Dental Appointments" form. Not sure if that would work on the iPad?
The form is brilliant. Also the poster / flyer for dental practices that is contained in the dental pack. How did you find this woman? I can't believe I haven't come across that earlier.