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Frightened and now embarrassed



Aug 25, 2018
I have just come back from a night out with lovely friends . Unfortunetly they noticed and commented on my front tooth that now sticks out ( never stuck outbefore ) . They were so nice to me but I did get upset and told them how scared I am at going to the dentist it was the first time I have admitted to anyone how scared I am so hoping that is a small progress as have now admitted it .
Admitting dental fear for the first time is a huge step and it takes some time. Sorry that they commented on your front tooth, I can only imagine how uncomfortable this made you feel, but if it helped you to talk about your fear for the first time, then it was a good thing.
Seeing a dentist for the first time after a long time is not the first step, the first step is all the reflecting and considering, the analyzing, the being scared, the writing about it and the admitting. In this sense you are doing great and progressing on your journey, so be kind to yourself and give yourself a pat on the back. :XXLhug:

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