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Frightened of a filling



Junior member
Dec 15, 2021
Hi everyone,

I hadn't been to the dentist in around 12 years until November last year. I had quite a lot of work done under IV sedation and also go and collect my invisalyn next month. This issue is the dentist had one filling left and a scale and polish to do but ran out of time at my IV appointment. I'm booked in for next month to have it done with just local anaesthetic and felt fine until today when they offered me a cancelled appointment an hour later.

I went straight into panic mode and declined. I'm worried I've taken a step back and am now panicking and obsessing over the appointment once again. Can anyone tell me what a filling will feel like and/or any tips to try and calm me down?
Hi @FrankieDoug, it's not surprising that you went into pain mode considering you were totally unprepared for the offer! That doesn't mean you'll feel the same way when you're not caught by surprise ?.

If at all possible, let your dentist know how you feel - maybe they've given you their email address? If so, they may be able to reassure you even before your appointment on what having a filling will feel like.

There's also a very detailed description here in the FAQs on what it feels like to have a filling - hopefully it's helpful:

Thanks for your reply! My dentist knows what I'm like and I had IV sedation last year - I just was curious how it feels.