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Front teeth extra sensitive after dental work?



Junior member
Jan 9, 2013
Hi there,

I had my last dental appointment on December 17th, during which I had work done on my front two teeth. Prior to this they weren't sore, or sensitive - I didn't even know they had holes in the back of them until my dentist told me that rather than sort out the abscess I have growing under a tooth on the bottom right of my mouth, she would look at the front teeth. She numbed me and drilled quite a bit before refilling them and then doing something with some plastic/acrylic feeling strips?

I went away and everything was fine - I've had dental work so I am aware teeth can take a while to adjust but even today they're still really sensitive? I have to drink with a straw as to bypass the front teeth and brushing and using the fluoride mouthwash I was advised is painful. I am back at the dentists tomorrow for an extraction and so will definitely mention it but I'm really concerned and am hoping that someone on here will have some advice or knowledge for me on this?

I don't know if they are composite fillings - as it's the back of my front teeth I can't really see? :hmm:

Thanks in advance!
Sensitivity can be a problem with composite fillings that haven't bonded in properly, sometimes it's a really easy fix, sometimes the filling needs replaced. Hopefully it's the former :)