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Front Tooth Broken in Half



Junior member
Jan 12, 2013
So, back story. About nine years ago, my front tooth was broken in half and the root was a little bit exposed. I visited a really nice dentist and he fixed the tooth by bonding it.

Then, last night, the bond broke off while I was eating. I made an appointment with a dentist for this morning. It was a new dentist since I've just moved in the area and had not found one yet.

I just returned from that appointment, and it was the worst appointment of my life! The dentist was really rude. I almost walked right out of there, but he had already started and I didn't want a half broken tooth in my mouth. He kept telling me that I would need a root canal because of the root being exposed. Except that every single dentist I've been to in the past ten years has known about my tooth and has never mentioned anything about it! But, now he's scared me and I don't really know how to handle it.

I'm due for a cleaning next month, so I'm going to find a new, better dentist and get their opinion.

Little Engine

Junior member
Jan 14, 2013
Don't let that one bad dentist make you put off finding a good one!

Your story caught my eye because it's so similar to my own, and in fact the reason I've just registered here. I also have a front tooth that is cracked in half, although mine is a permanent crown, and am going in today to get some sort of repair work done.

There are some nasty dentists out there who still feel the need to be rude and condescending, but I've found they are the exception to the rule. Keep searching, and good luck!