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Front tooth cavity, dentist says filling or possible root canal.



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Sep 15, 2015
Hi all. First, I want to say thanks for the contributors of this forum. I've been all over this place in the past 7 days, and and really appreciate all the info! :)

So- I am terrified. My appointment is in 2 days. I am going to have a cavity filled in my canine. The enamel has broken off to about half way down from the gumline. The pink skin(dentin?) directly under the enamel seems to be in tact, and I have never had any pain or sensitivity in this tooth. My worry is That the dentist says IF the cavity has reached the nerve, he will need to do a root canal, not just a simple filling. I am shaking from fear, crying, and having panic attacks. I am not experienced with dentists at all, but have had lots of tooth pain in my lifetime, and the thought of having a month-long unbearable pain, or a life-threatening infection has me worried sick.
Does anyone have experience with this kind of situation? Anyone ever had GOOD news; ie no root canal necessary?
Someone please help me calm down. Please.
I thank any and all in advance. I REALLY do appreciate any support I can get. THANK YOU!!
(I hope I put this in the right thread, Im honestly not good with forums)
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Hello :)

Things will be okay..
try not to think the worst!
I have had a few cavities that were gumline, chipped, and quite "deep" looking. I thought they were doomed, but surprisingly they were able to fill them. Then I had a tooth that didn't look too bad need a root canal..go figure!

Just try to focus on the positive. You never know what needs to be done until the dentist exams you and takes x-rays.
If you do need a RT, I am positive you can get through it :)

Good luck at your appointment! :jump:
Hi Brooke, and THANK YOU so much for your kind, and encouraging words! I appreciate it more than you know.:)
I am hoping for the best news, but am ready for the worst, I think. I've never had even a cavity filled, so I'm hoping my fear is coming from inexperience alone. If all goes well, I'll be sure to pass the positive experience along to anyone else with fear.
I go in tomorrow, and I will take your hopeful words with me!:jump:
Thanks again!!
You are very welcome!

How did things go for you love?