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Front tooth cavity?



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Aug 30, 2015
So Monday I finally got the balls to call to get my fillings done. Two of them are on the front tooth gumline. Other two are two over on each side. (If that makes sense). But do I have to get a shot on the roof of my mouth for that? Or do they just give me the shot above that gumline? I feel sick to my stomach with anxiety.
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I actually just went through this last week!

For me, they gave me a shot at the gumline above the teeth that were being worked on. Because you're having so many worked on at once, though, they might have to give you more than one, since 4 teeth would take 3-4 hours to fill (at least, that's what my dentist told me!) and you might end up having the numbness wear off. I started getting a lot of feeling back near the end of the second filling, although the numbness in my face took what felt like forever to wear off.

Because yours are so spread out it might be different, but that was my experience!
Thanks! was it a front tooth? Did the shot bother you?