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Front tooth decay and abscess......



Junior member
Jan 22, 2018
Hello. So i’m really really worried about my front teeth! Basically every single one of my visible front teeth has decay on them (I think it’s decay anyway....) and there’s an abscess on the gum above my right front tooth which i’m the most worried about! I don’t smile anymore and I feel like i’m never gunna find true love or anything because my front teeth are just soooo disgusting and i’m really scared because I don’t want to lose them/get them removed! I’m only 19! ?? I literally have no confidence or self esteem anymore because of this and I fear that my front teeth will never be healthy again...... Can this decay on my front teeth be reversed and can they be healthy again?? How is decay like this treated?? And what about this abscess?? I already have an abscess on one of my bottom teeth that’s not visible at all and will be getting removed hopefully in the next week or so! This will be my 2nd tooth removed btw ?? I’m scared that i’m gunna lose my front tooth now too and root canals also scare me because my mum has had an awful lot of trouble and problems with them in the past and she’s actually advised me to never get root canals because of her terrible experience with them and because she said that the problems will just come back again eventually anyway, I feel like i’m not really gunna have much of a choice now though coz I definitely don’t wanna have to get my front tooth removed! ?? Someone please help me! What can/will be done about my teeth and is that actually decay on my front teeth and is it still in it’s early stages and reversible?? I’m soooo worried and scared!! I just really don’t wanna lose my front teeth! That’s my worst dental nightmare!! ?? I did actually go to the dentist about the decay and he said that i just needed some fillings and that he’d give me a teeth cleaning but I don’t think I had the abscess then as this was just over a month ago I think? He wants to focus on getting my bottom/back-ish tooth out first which is fair enough but they keep cancelling the appointments which is really worrying me coz I know that you’re not supposed to leave an absess or anything as it could make it even worse! I’ve also had antibiotics that the dentist has prescribed to me (twice now) but the infection just keeps coming back coz the dentist keeps cancelling the appointment!! So now i’m even more terrified!! ?? Please help me! ?? PS: Sorry about the bad quality photos, taking photos of your teeth is really hard! ??0B808715-C43A-4B60-9BAA-D697A4F69F2E.jpg0B808715-C43A-4B60-9BAA-D697A4F69F2E.jpg
I see this a lot. I always focus on basic disease control and secondly on why did this happen. Diet analysis is first and most appropriate so this doesn't keep happening.