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Front tooth fear

@conqueringfears Hey, thank you for asking.
Well, there was practice of the rubber dam but it didn't happen.
For several days l have tried to make the surgery be prepared for me...not because lm the queen or anything 😁 but just so it could get passed to the dentist that l suffer from trauma, etc. Several conversations and emails have occurred. And he knew nothing. I walked in and asked him what he knew of me and all l got was, oh yeah, you're the one with the tooth that is likely to fail! That threw me. I had written down what to say about my psychology but didn't expect that! I almost clammed up, remembered that people who suffer from trauma do that and got myself out of it. I said no, you said 60% chance of it working. He said. Oh yeah. His attitude was totally cavalier. I tried to say about anxiety and loss of control and he said; well how long does a panic attack last? He really had no clue. I said l have problem with numbing with loss of control and he said he wouldn't inject me! I said lm worried about him doing the root canal and not being able to leave, he said he'd stop so we tried out the rubber dam and clasp and l could talk, not well granted but l could breathe and swallow.
But l decided that though l believed in his expertise (though not sure about the lack of injection) l did not trust him nor his manner, so couldn't do it. He didn't charge me (it would have cost almost a grand!) But he said if l came back and the same thing happened again, he'd charge me the full lot.
Simply put, he didn't care, the staff didnt prepare him and l went through so much not to have it done.
I forgot to say that the reception team suggested music to listen to via headphones and l put a playlist together and he said not to use it as l wouldn't feel in control!
@RustyRebecca Oh no, having a care provider who understands you and your needs is very important. Maybe continue to look around and do your research. You can even try to go to consultations prior to the procedure to see what feels best for you. SO sorry!
@RustyRebecca, yes I had both and it was not nearly as bad since it was a front tooth. For me, I hate having things towards the back of my mouth because I feel like gagging and like it is blocking my airway, even when it isn’t…more of a psychological thing.