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Front tooth filling



Junior member
Jun 26, 2023
I have a filling on my front tooth. I went for a teeth cleaning a couple days ago and I now see a thin white line running from the top of the tooth on the right side to almost the bottom of tooth. I don’t recall having this line before. I am wondering if the filling got injured during the cleaning and if this line means that the filling will chip soon? When I run my tongue over the tooth it doesn’t feel any different.

I put my flashlight under the tooth and the line appears “brown” with the light under it.

What could this be? This line is not visible unless I am zooming in front of the mirror
@Gsat most white filling margins are visible to some extent. They are also prone to staining. It is likely that any slight stain has been removed and now the white margin is more obvious.

It is also possible that it is starting to debond...fillings don't last forever and will need replaced over time. If this is the case then keep an eye out for any mobility of the filling and get it replaced asap. At your next routing examination your dentist can check for you either way.

Take care

@Jodie Nelson thank you for your response. The bonding that I have is for a discoloration I had on the tooth and too make a bit longer as it was a shorter tooth. My concern is that the last dentist I saw said—you can’t get bonding redone too many times as you might damage the tooth/nerve. Is this accurate?
@Gsat to an extent...each time you remove a bonded composite some tooth tissue may come away. You also risk damaging the nerve if not sufficiently cooled.

That being said...if it's not too close to the nerve and each time there is no decay (make sure you floss and brush well to prevent secondary decay at the filling margins) then I wouldn't put a number on it necessarily. Sorry that's vague. I would just always try rebonding only when it fails and keep it going for as long as it remains successful so there is not definite number.

Hope that helps in some way.