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front tooth in pain and shifting



Junior member
Sep 19, 2022
hello! still afraid to go to a dentist, so looking for some answers here.

for about ~2 days, my front upper left teeth was in pain. i have been taking ibuprofen to deal with it. it's hard to sleep at night because i keep waking up due to the discomfort. my gums have receded a lot on both of my front upper teeth and most of the lower ones as well. there were no other symptoms but i just woke up and my gum there is swollen. i had blood in my mouth. i decided to gently brush the area and more blood came out. and my tooth has shifted backwards, its noticeable and i can feel it too. what could this be? would i need a root canal? extraction? do i need to go to a dentist right away? can antibiotics fix this? or help to stop it from getting worse? can i use an oral gel on it that i already have (its for mouth ulcers)?

i'm freaking out. i haven't been eating much or getting out of my room. my parents noticed and they yelled at me for being lazy. i haven't been going to take my classes either. is there a temporary fix to this before i can go see a dentist? please help, thank you.
You need to go to a dentist as soon as you can manage it. Can't really say what's going on without looking but the longer you leave it the more difficult it's going to be to fix it :)

i would attach a picture but my phone camera isn't good so it's going to be really blurry...

i just want to know what it could be, so i at least know what to expect. i have extreme dental phobia and am insanely terrified of extractions. it doesn't help that i have horrible teeth. it will be my first ever visit to the dentist if i manage to go... i've been having a lot of panic attacks too.

thank you so much for replying anyway!
Photos wouldn't help anyway.
I can't begin to guess at what it might be without examining you.

There's really nothing that a dentist can do to you that is half as bad as what your imagination is telling you is going to happen...