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Front tooth root canal



Junior member
Nov 6, 2022
I’ve been having a lot of problems with tooth number 8. It started off with sensitivity to hot/cold. My dentist found a small fracture and did a bonding treatment. The hot/cold sensitivity went away but it was sensitive to biting down. And I noticed a lump high up on my gums where my lip and gums meet. Saw a specialist and it didn’t respond well to the cold test so I had a root canal 10 days ago. The lump is still there and my tooth is still sensitive to biting down. Does this mean the root canal failed?
Was the root canal completed? Do you have a return visit to the endodontist booked? If not, your first step is to contact them and get them to look.
@Gordon The root canal was completed and filled with a composite filling. She said to come back in 12 months for a check up.
Get back onto them then. Sometimes they need a course of antibiotics to fully clear things up but it needs looked at first.