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full dentures upper and lower so upset



Junior member
Mar 16, 2016
Hello,I can't explain how I feel right now mixed emotions,I've suffered from depression and anxiety since I was 20 I'm nearly 46 now been in abusive relationships ,have many health issues diabetes I've had a heart attack after years and years of having a fear of dentists and bad experiences in the dentist chair was told over 10 years ago the last time I visited a dentist I would have no teeth by the age of 45 due to gum desease I have 9 on the bottom and about the same on top,I plucked up the courage too to go to the dentist my appointment was yesterday was crying like a baby before I went, I went in the knowing I would lost bottom teeth and needed dentures when he said I need top and lower dentures I nearly dropped even thou my top teeth are sturdy no loose ones my gum desease is too far gone they all have to go to because he said its better for my health and me as my teeth could cause a lot of problems ,I'm gonna be sedated to have all of them out I'm so terrified I don't know what to expect I'm trying to think of the end result but I barely go out now I don't want it effecting me in a way that because of having dentures I hide myself away completely,my emotions are up and down at the moment I know after extraction I'm gonna be a lot worse when I have no teeth and see that for the first time ,I know a lot have gone through this just need to know if it's as bad as what my mind is telling me and what to expect how long for gums to heal so many things going through my mind,any advice or tips would be much appreciated thank you so much

Julie x
First of all, you are going to feel so much better once it is all over. You probably don't even know how bad you feel right now. You are going to have a much better life after you get your dentures. You are going to look fabulous and you are going to be able to eat so many more things. It is going to take awhile to heal but it is the price we pay. I am going to have my front 4 teeth pulled next week and a temporary partial denture for about a month. I am scared too. The thing is, it is the beginning of a better life. You have dealt with a lot in your life and I know you probably do everything for everyone else. You suffer for them... its time to suffer for you!

As my mom always used to say... NOTHING IS EVER AS BAD AS IT SEEMS.

Good luck to you and I would love to hear updates.

Best wishes, Dawn.
Hi we r in the same boat so to speak! I have heart problems also, and am terrified of the dentist! I finally went and was told I needed to get them all out. I will be getting my impressions made on the 29th and the teeth taken out April the 20th or 23rd. I am scared also as I do not handle pain very well!
Hey! I got all my teeth out at 25, which is probably earlier than you, and may make a difference, but hopefully it discourages you guys from being ashamed! Because there's nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes people lose their teeth, earlier or later. It's just a thing that happens. It doesn't make you a bad person! :)

The procedure itself wasn't hard for me, though I was under general anasthetic (knocked out completely!). Though I know people that have had it done under twilight sedation etc and they said it was fine too. When I woke up, I really wasn't bothered by the lack of teeth. I had immediate dentures in and I was too tired to care! :p

The adjustment period was a bit difficult, I won't lie. My immediate dentures didn't fit brilliantly at first, and I felt really frustrated. Had I went through all that stress for nothing? But the dentist adjusted them a few times until they were a better fit, and then it was much easier.

After a few months I got my permanent dentures, and since then I've never looked back. I'm SO happy now compared to what I was. I no longer obsess about my teeth. The vast majority of the time I forget about them entirely.

Hang in there! The procedure shouldn't be that bad. I experienced hardly any pain. :) Once I got through the adjustment period, it was easy. And everyone on this forum will be there to help you with that, if you need it. :hug4:
My parents had all their teeth out when I was a young teenager and I don't remember them complaining about their full dentures at all. And they did complain about a lot of things in general! I remember my father saying that it was a relief when he got the dentures - no more tooth problems!
I'm in the same boat also, I was in a very abusive relationship. Afraid to go to the dentist after having had my jaw dislocated twice by my abuser and all the cracked and missing teeth that he created. Needless to say at 39, I'm getting it all fixed. The dentist and oral surgeon told me I have the mouth of a boxer (fighter) not a good thing. Anyway, I would love to hear how things go for you!!! Good luck :jump:
Thank you, I'm a mom of 3 so I know all to well.... I just don't want to look like an alien or Mr. Ed :grin:
I'm scared

Hi I'm 53 and due to gum disease I hav decided to hav full top dentures and parties bottom ones, I can't take paid much longer, I can't smile, ad the taste in my mouth is awful, I stopped smoking 9wks ago, but I am still petrified of lookin in the mirror and not seeing me anymore and having no teeth makes me feel ugly sorry xx
I've just come across this interesting thread over six years later and wonder how you all are doing now ?
@Tolkienista most people who registered for the forum before about 2019 won't be getting notifications, because we changed forum software and the previous default settings were different - so it's unlikely that they'll see your post!
@letsconnect thanks for your reply. I log in from time to time but didn't know about the change in software so I appreciate you taking the time to inform me. Best wishes, have a good day.