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Junior member
Mar 12, 2021
Birmingham, AL
Im 31 and have always have been terrified of the dentist. well after 11 years of ignoring my teeth and not fixing cavities which then spread and spread and spread. i finally built the courage to go see the dentist and he said that i need a full extraction. my questions are 1. i plan on getting an upgraded denture. will people be able to tell they are dentures or will they look like real teeth. 2. how shocking is it after surgery and you use your tongue to feel your gums. i just mainly feel this sense of dread and anxiety about it but my teeth need to come out. is this normal?
3. the dentist said i will be wearing a temporary set before i get the real ones. how do these look and feel? will i get on my dentists nerves if i make several appointments for adjustments?
4. will i ever be able to eat foods like steak, or apples, or harder foods again?
5. How long does a set of dentures last before i will need a new one?

these are all the questions i can think of right now. any answers to these questions would definetly bring peace of mind....thanks
First, you went sooner than I did! I had work done to have a pretty smile for my wedding at age 20, and didn't go back until last fall at age 35. I had all of my upper teeth pulled and about 6 of my bottom. I got my dentures about three and half weeks ago.

My husband's best friend didn't know I was getting fake teeth and couldn't tell the difference. He said they didn't look fake at all.
It feels a little odd to not have teeth, but the weirdest part thus far is when the dentures are out and my jaw naturally wants to close but it closes too far because there's no teeth to stop it. Prepare to talk a little differently, and prepare for things to taste differently (I had no idea there were taste buds on the roof of my mouth).
The dentures I got aren't temporary, so I can't answer that, but mine still need adjustment, I've gone back once a week and have another appointment on Tuesday. They will rub you in the wrong places and give you sores, and the dentist WANTS you to come in so he/ she can fix them. They'll give you a mouth sore mouthwash, use it!
I was told I'll be able to eat harder foods, I just won't have as much bite pressure. I know I've been able to eat hard harder and tougher foods as I get more used to them; it was hard at first because my gums were sore from extraction.
I was told about 10 years for my set.
Hi nel_matt94:welcome:,

you got some great input from MamaSeesa, I just wanted to put in two links to information about dentures. You may find it helpful. When it comes to adjustments, as MamaSeesa said, your dentist is happy to adjust your denture and it's part of the process. You definitely won't get on their nerves. The most people need to get in few times for adjustments.

All the best wishes