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Full extraction next



Jun 30, 2021
I posted previously about needed to see a dentist after 13 years. I have severe periodontitis, loose teeth, need root canals etc.
I went to first dentist and explained my very limited financial resources. They had me come in for cleaning and X-ray under light sedation. He gave me a treatment plan of extractions, then cleaning and root canals then go from there. First step was going to be almost 9k. I wasn’t able to get any financing with their only option.

I found another dentist who told me with all the infection and boneless they recommended full extractions and replace with traditional denture while I head and th permanent snap in denture on top and removable snap on on bottom. It is much cheaper then other dentist. Working on financing now. They said they will remove teeth under moderate sedation and then place implants posts in a few months under general anesthesia.
im so scared of feeling pain when they are pulling teeth. They said nitrous and medication will help me not care etc
How do you deal emotionally with no teeth? I’m relieved to have an end to my pain and eventually gain my confidence back. I feel like a loser
Hi SadieM,

it‘s good to read that you found a solution that you can afford, but I see how scary the thought of full extraction must be. I have read few stories here on the forum from people who had full extractions and many were very happy with dentures. From what I understood, once you get them, it won‘t be like having no teeth, but more like finally having teeth and being able to eat and smile and not to worry about teeth.
When it comes to feeling pain under nitrous and medication, you won‘t feel anything. The reason is simple: you will still get anesthetic to get numb and as Gordon mentioned lately, it will even work better because you will be relaxed from the sedation.
You‘re not a loser. On the contrary: you are taking a courageous step forward, despite having fears and insecurities. That‘s a very strong thing, even if it doesn‘t feel like that right now.

All the best wishes
I am feeling more brave and confident I made a good choice. I found out it’s being done with iv sedation and dentist assured me I won’t feel anything or remember. I just want to get it done so I can heal.
Have you had your extractions? If so how did everything go? I just went through the same this a month ago.
I am 16 post full mouth extraction, implants placed for lower snap in, and immediate temporaries. Iv sedation seemed to be ok but I did wake up they said.
The lower didn’t fit because there was a bad infection and had to shaved down a lot and upper too big since swelling is down. I go in this week for my first re line. They told me they may never fit me but that’s fine with me. I have second surgery under GA to place implant for all on four. The pain was manageable with motrin and Tylenol. The narcotic gave me a headache and I felt like I couldn’t sleep on it. Ice packs were the best.
i no longer have pain in mouth, bad breath and constant crippling fear over my teeth. Can’t wait for next steps! So excited to smile again.
So good to hear!!!
Thank you for the update @SadieM, so good to read that the extraction went well. Fingers crossed for the second surgery! :clover: