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Full mouth extraction, what to expect and how to cope



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Oct 21, 2022
Hello I'm new here, I'm so pleased I've found this place ! Here's a bit if a back story,
I'm 48 Yr old that has suffered for her entire life with rotten teeth, broken teeth, absesses and pain. I had all my baby teeth removed at around 8 years old and from that never went to a dentist again.
The pain became unbearable yet again and I made an appointment through 111 as I couldn't find a dentist. I surprised myself my even talking to the receptionist and turning up but I made it quite clear I would not to able to sit in the dreaded chair, I managed an xray and the lovely dentist agreed yes all my teeth need to come out I cried and asked her please don't judge me I just need help and explained how scared I am and its way way worse than just nervous I think she knew that anyway. She referred me to cds where they can knock me out and we'll you know the rest I expect although I feel like a slight weight is lifted knowing the ball is rolling I am absolutely terrified !! I'm scared of the pain swelling bleeding what if I get an infection could I die what about bleeding what about dry socket in a mouth full , what if this that and the other I am so so scared. I don't know anybody who has done this had immediate dentures or even just a full clear out I'm terrified. I do want to do this it feels like a dream come true, I might be able to have friends if I have teeth I will be able to go out etc. But then my sub conscious is telling me but you've coped all these years why put yourself through it. I'm sorry for the ramble.
@gummymummy13 Hi there! Don't be sorry for the ramble. I am so impressed that you made an appointment, went through with going there and doing the appointment, and made a plan for treatment after staying away from dentists for 40 years. Facing it after so long must have been so tough to do. I know that feeling of wanting to just deal with it a little longer, after dealing with it for a long time (I stayed away from dentists for 19 years) I try and tell myself doing that will just make things worse. It's hard not knowing anyone who has had the same dental problems you have, you might be able to meet some people with them on here, and I bet you can find a lot of posts if you search for "dentures" on this site. Another place I have found where you can meet people with your dental condition, or at least read things written by people with your dental condition is reddit. I know there is a subreddit about dentures, I have seen it. I learned a lot from reddit about something I had to get, a dental implant, I didn't know anyone who had one either, but I was able to read posts by people who had them there. Here on dental fear central there is also a section where phobic patients can ask questions dentists can answer and a dentist, Gordon, who is the nicest dentist in the world, answers them. Another thing I have used to get my questions answered is Denteractive, which is a teledentistry website where you can ask a dentist questions and send them pictures and your xrays. It costs $10 to chat with a dentist but it is well worth it to me to deal with all those what ifs about procedures, what to expect, side effects, is what I am experiencing normal, etc. Anyways I am so happy for you that you are off to a good start getting yourself some treatment!
@gummymummy13 I am 54 and went thru full mouth extraction in July and I can tell you it was THE BEST DECISION I MADE! My oral surgeon wouldn’t knock me out but gave me a Xanax the night before to sleep. Then took two more before I went in that AM. As soon as I sat in the chair I was shaking uncontrollably and bawling so they gave me one more and it was smooth sailing from there. Didn’t feel ANYTHING and apparently I was so chill that later that evening I noticed on my phone I had taken 7 selfies during surgery! (I have no recall of doing that). I had immediate dentures put in and I vape nonstop and didn’t have any dry socket problems. Ice keeps the swelling down and I had no visible swelling as I used arnica nonstop for three days. As far as the surgery, that was the easiest part because you feel nothing. I didn’t even feel the numbing needles. Completely painless and “mostly” awake. You will be pretty sore the first few days to a week or so, not gonna lie BUT you’ll get past it. The anxiety leading up to all this is WAY WORSE than anything you will go thru. Watch tons of utube on people who have gone thru it (only the success ones, don’t psych yourself out). They are very informative and inspiring to get thru the process. Good luck my fellow mouth warrior, you’ve got this!!!
Thank you so much for the replies, I'm just so terrified, but I cannot wait ti accomplish this, see I'm a smoker too and the thought of not having a smoke at my most anxious time of my life worries me too, also the teeth I have remaining are all rotten and broken and I'm scared about infection do all dentists take that into consideration? My mind is a minefield of questions and overthinking, but I honestly cannot wait to look in the mirror and have teeth ! X
@gummymummy13 I had SO much infection going into it the oral surgeon said he was surprised it hadn’t gone into my brain! I was on antibiotics before and after. I wasn’t worried about infection afterwards since I don’t think it could’ve gotten worse than when I went in. Infection can be dealt with but you have to get the ball rolling. What you are going thru now will never get better on its own and it’s only going to get worse if left untreated. You, my friend, can do this!
I had a full extraction done a year ago with local only. I took 10 mg Valium before I went in. Petrified of the injections but felt absolutely nothing. Surgery took 1 hour from entering the office to walking out. Be sure to take the pain meds as prescribed to stay ahead if the pain. I set my alarm to take the fuse in the night time. I had no issues with pain. Uncomfortable but surely tolerable. Let me know how you do. I’m still adjusting to dentures but that is expected. You will be fine. Take something to listen to music on and keep your eyes closed. Don’t look at the needles and be sure to have a sign to let the dentist know you need a break. You will feel nothing. Good luck!
Hello sorry its been a while since I logged in I really appreciate all your stories and comments, I'm currently going today for my 2nd impressions and I'm terrified again, I'm booked in for 12th May for inhalation sedation and I'm assuming it's my tops and immediate and week after bottoms and immediate I'm so close to just pulling out of it all my anxiety is through the roof so much so I feel like my heart will explode !
Hello @gummymummy13 ,

Just wondering how you ever got along with the impressions and sedation? Hope all went well!
Hi !! Yes it's all done I'm 12 days out ! X
I hope everything goes well for you👍👍
As someone with bad teeth.. currently with a niggling painful tooth & a treatment plan for multiple fillings from front teeth to back, including a rct and a bridge, partial dentures etc etc ( although he's pushing me towards implants - no chance, & can't afford it anyway)...
I can 100% say I wish I was in your shoes. I'm utterly sick of the pain and never ending treatments for teeth that just aren't great, 10 have already been pulled & I just don't see the upside to all this cost and endless procedures, it's just one thing after another and I've had enough of this misery, pain and feeling like my teeth rule my whole life and mental health.

I think you're incredibly brave and I also think it's great you've found someone who doesn't want to put you through all sorts in an effort to save them. I've read so many posts from people who can't get someone to finally put them out of pain and get their rotten/infected teeth removed.

There are groups on Facebook who are extremely helpful and very friendly, who also have a denture technician who helps answer QS regularly.

I wish you all the best. I think it can be a hard road at times, but once ppl get comfortable, well fitting dentures none of them seem to regret it, not from what I've read anyway, they're just glad to have their lives back 👍