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Full-mouth extraction



Junior member
Jan 3, 2021
Jacksonville, FL

I am having full mouth extractions (all of my teeth) tomorrow morning under twilight sedation. I have diagnosed anxiety disorder. I am absolutely terrified. I have not been able to find much information about how being in twilight sedation feels and if it will make the surgery seem like it will go by swiftly, how much I'll realistically be able to feel during it, etc. I have trauma from a childhood experience with extractions that created a crippling fear that has followed me the rest of my life. Due to weakening teeth it is viewed best to have everything removed. I have several broken teeth, and impacted wisdom teeth as well to contend with during this full mouth extraction surgery. I will be going into an immediate denture afterwards.

I am looking for any and all candid advice on what I can realistically expect during the procedure itself (how traumatizing is it likely to be for me) and the recovery process. Thank you in advance for any information that can be provided.
Hi there,

By twilight sedation, do you mean IV sedation? We've got a page on it here:

There are also a fair few threads in the Success stories section of this forum (we're hoping to organise them a bit better in the near future so you can find relevant threads more easily). Hopefully somebody else will be along to share their first-hand experiences!

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow :grouphug:
I havent had sedation but just wanted to wish you well for your surgery tomorrow. Fingers crossed it will be over very quickly and you can begin your road to healing up. Be kind to yourself and rest afterwards when you need, its emotionally exhausting aswell as physically. Best wishes to you
You should have no trauma during the procedure. The worst part for me was waiting to be sedated. Next thing I knew they were waking me up and I was done. I did remember fragments of what happened but they were very dreamlike and not traumatizing.
Thank you very much for the responses, everyone. The logical part of my mind says that tons of people have gone through this and similar procedures and survived and so will I. My anxiety disorder doesn't care about any of that though (lol) so hearing from others who have gone through similar things is very helpful. <3
I just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow and you are very courageous for facing your fears and anxiety head on.

I know exactly what you mean about your anxiety not understanding, that’s the whole problem isn’t it, anxiety isn’t rational. You are stronger then your anxiety and it doesn’t define you! Let us know how it goes.
I had twilight/IV sedation for my full extractions and only remember them slipping the needle into my vein. After that, they were waking me up and walking me to the recovery room. No recollection of anything that happened in between, and even though you didn't ask, the recovery from the extractions was a breeze too. I was a little tender for a few days, but nothing even remotely resembling pain (a regular Ibuprofen was enough to keep me fully comfortable). Congrats and good luck. I'm looking forward to reading all about how well it went, afterward.
Good luck for tomorrow. I had twilight a few years ago for a different procedure and literally could not remember a thing. I was adamant they hadn't done the surgery when I came round
First and most importantly, I survived! The experience itself, unfortunately, was not without trauma but there really doesn't seem that there would have been any way to avoid it. I have always had a high tolerance to a lot of drugs, or have reacted in fashions polar opposite to what is supposed to occur. Unfortunately, this proved no different. IV sedation simply... Didn't work. I remained fully conscious and cognizant throughout the procedure. It did seem to manage to take the edge off my anxiety at least, so I was able to soldier through rather than have a panic attack. I also got to discover the hard way that I am resistant to novacaine as well. I won't go into the details of what I experienced throughout the procedure as a result, because that's not fair to others who have phobias like mine but lack the strange biological wiring I possess and therefore would have incredibly low odds of having the experience I did.

I do want to say that my surgeon was very good at his job and did the absolute best he could to make the experience swift since there was not much else to be done about the situation. He steadily checked on me throughout while working quickly and told me at every turn how great I was managing it all.

I am at home recovering and keeping ice on my face to reduce swelling. My pain levels seem to do okay as long as I don't take a dose of medication late. I was placed into an immediate denture for the healing process. Overall, the worst is past (fingers crossed) and now recovery is the focus. Thank you again to everyone who answered and gave me their experiences. While mine didn't go so smoothly it was your words of encouragement that got me through the door.
Well done you for getting through it.
Well done ?‍♀️?!! Sorry to hear about how difficult it was, I hope the recovery will go smoothly. Wishing you a very speedy recovery?!