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full mouth extractions and implants



Junior member
Jun 1, 2012
In about ten days I'll have 22 teeth extracted and 12 implants placed immediately. I'll be sent home like that and go back in about a weeks time for temporary dentures, which will stay in for about 3 months before I get permanent full bridges top and bottom.
I'm worried about so many things.. Pain, dry sockets, swelling, dentures, not being able to eat, implants not taking.. My friend added another one to the list.. The dentist having a heart attack and drilling into my brain!
Wow, Molly you have alot to look forward to. LOL I can tell you right away I don't think you have to worry about that last thing you mentioned. :giggle: Will you be having iv sedation? Stick with your instructions they give you to care for your extractions. Also, someone else mentioned having some liquid childrens pain reliever on hand in case of swelling. It might be easier to swallow. You can always go ahead and use some ice packs. Please keep us posted as to your progress. Wishing all the best for you.
Hey Molly, I am looking to have 12 out on Wednesday, and I'm worried enough about that, I can't imagine 22. I'm jealous of you having implants, I would of loved to go that route, but it can't be done right now, maybe I will be able to in the future.

I share all of your worries, except of course the implants, and now I have an extra worry, drilling into the brain:confused:
Hello Molly and welcome.

It is only natural to worry about things like dental work, but I think that when that work is somewhat more extensive than say a 'simple' filling (I use the term simple in the loosest of ways) then it is even more natural to have so many more concerns. What you are having done is therefore going to cause you more worries than a lot of people, and Tabatha is right, the last thing you need to worry about is drilling into your brain!

For the most part, tooth extraction from what I understand is quite straight forward, and can usually be done fairly quickly. Obviously the implants are a different kettle of fish, but you will be being looked after by well trained and well qualified specialists in their field of work, who will do a fantastic job of both getting you through all of this and your extractions and implants.

You will have so many things going through your head this next week or so, but what I would encourage you to do is try not to think too much about the what if's, and cross those bridges if and when they arise. You will have your challenges ahead, but you will also surprise yourself at how well you cope with these.

I haven't had implants, and so cannot advise on these, but I have had the extractions under IV sedation and complete dentures, so do know a bit about where you are coming from.

I truly hope that the run up to your treatment is more kind to you than not, and will be with you in spirit as you go through your journey.

All the very best to you.

Thank you all so much for your encouragement .. I'll post again after its over and tell you how it went.
Well, it's nearly a week after E day, and I'm feeling fine! IV sedation is wonderful! I ate a bit too late in the day, and threw up 3 times, but that was ok... I was sedated, I didn't care! There never was any pain, and only swelling in my lips and gums. The worst is over, and it was easy!