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Full upper arch toofh removal



Junior member
May 3, 2021
Los Angeles
About 6 months ago my dentist told me I had a severe case of periodontal disease. I knew I had problems but not to that extent. My Dentist showed me the xrays even had a second opinion. 1 week ago I had all my upper teeth removed and major bone grafting, 3 hour surgery ( thank god for sedation) it was very painful over 20 stitches still in. I was not able to walk out with a denture :( 😞and will not be able to wear 1 for 4 weeks due to the severity of my infection. Im greatful to my Dentist he was able to place enough grafting, so i go back in july for permanent all on 6s zirconia teeth. Still have a long road a head. If you cant afford the full implant surgery, dentures today are so realistic. I hope you all do well. Its not easy.


Junior member
Dec 17, 2020
Hi lovely, just a little message to let you know you are not alone!
Last week I had extractions from both sides of my mouth, just have a couple at the front left for cosmetic reasons. My gums will have a few weeks healing time before the front ones come out and I get fitted with full dentures. Due to covid I had the extractions done at my dentist using anesthetc (not nice).
A few days on and they're still pretty tender, finding it really hard to eat anything that isn't mash potatoes 😩 lol.
Desperately want to just bite into some proper food and not hurt while eating.
I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel tho, it's just a case of getting through it.
I am terrified of when I get my dentures, how they will feel, look etc but I know I will get through it somehow. (as will you)
Just wanted you to know you are not alone. All the best x