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Fully erupted impacted wisdom teeth removal



Junior member
Nov 10, 2017
Hi all, I just had 3 fully erupted and impacted wisdom teeth removed and wanted to share my story. 2 weeks ago I got a pain in the right side of my mouth at the back, I couldn't pin point which tooth is was but figured it could just be a cavity. I went to the dentist and he had a look around took some X'rays and told me it looked like I needed my wisdom teeth out as the bottom ones were fully out and pressing up against my other tooth which was what was probably causing the pain. He referred me to an oral surgeon and told me I would need either twilight sedation or go fully under. I had a weeks wait until I met with the oral surgeon and It was the worst week of my life. I have never felt agony like I did with this. I could not sleep. My dentist prescribed me Neurofen plus (which helped for 1 day then didn't work again after that). The pain felt like someone had my teeth in a vice and was cranking it tighter and tighter. The pain radiated up into the ears and my temple and it felt like someone was literally stabbing me in the temple. The only thing that provided some relief was clove oil (it smells awful but when you are desperate and in agony you will do anything). The clove oil worked for me but not for long so I was applying it quite often. As my pain was unbearable I decided I couldn't wait that long to see the oral surgeon so I called and asked for an earlier appointment (which luckily I got). I saw the surgeon on a Tuesday and was told he could operate on the Thursday which was lucky. He also prescribed me panadeine forte to get me through until my surgery (he said the kind of pain I was in that neurofen plus wouldn't have even touched it). I am not fond of the dentist or dental procedures but the amount of pain I was in, I practically begged him to take them out as soon as he could. He advised that I needed to go fully under and that twilight would be no good for me as my extraction would be quite invasive and painful. So my extraction was yesterday. This is how it happened:

I got to the hospital at 10am and checked in. I was then taken back with the nurses and they asked me some questions and gave me a robe. I was then given a bed in a waiting room with other people and was given a warm blanket and my own tv to watch while I waited for my turn. I was there for maybe 2 hours until the anaesthatist came out and asked me a few questions. Just a run down of if i had been sedated before and if i had any reactions to it etc. He was a very nice man that assured me that he would be sitting with me throughout the whole procedure (as I told him I was scared of waking up during the procedure). He assured me I wouldn't but that if I did , then he would be there with me and put me right back to sleep. After this I was wheeled into a waiting room next to the operating theatre and spoke with a nurse for a little. The anaesthetist then reappeared and inserted the canula into my hand (which actually didn't really hurt it was a tiny pinch). And Im saying this as someone who is afraid of needles, it really wasn't bad. I was then told to get up and walk into the operating theatre and laid on the bed. A nurse covered me in a blanket and the anaesthetist showed me the chair he would be sitting on to reassure me again. He then started to administer the anaesthetic into my canal and the last thing I remember is him saying 'cya' then I was out.

I woke up in the recovery room about an hour and 20 minutes later. I was quite groggy and confused but I was just happy it was all over. I got to the hospital at 10am and I would say I got back home by 5pm that day. My mouth was numb all day yesterday but today I woke up and had full feeling back. There is a little pain but nothing compared to how much pain the wisdom teeth caused me! So far so good. Anyone that is having their wisdom teeth cause them pain, it definitely is worth it to get them removed. I haven't healed yet from the extraction but Im already so happy I did it. I actually got a proper nights sleep last night for the first time in almost 2 weeks.
Well done for getting your wisdom teeth remove, I am thinking about getting mine remove, I go to dentist and keep telling my dentist about the problems I am getting, would prefered to get the removed when I got nothing on important to do.
Always great to read a "happy ending" story. I'm sure that your account will be very helpful to those who have the procedure ahead of them. I hope that the rest of your healing goes quickly.